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Hard Flaccid Faith Based Claims


A couple of these injured guys who post a lot on another forum appear to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome, that’s how crazy some of this stuff is. Keep in mind that actually believing something, and being beaten down into saying a bunch of bizarre stuff geared towards benefiting the self interest of certain people, are two very different things.

The admins on a profit orientated forum can never acknowledge hard flaccid as an actual physical injury because if they do, they are terrified that they would open themselves up to a cataclysm of lawsuits. As long as they feign ignorance and there isn’t a medical test showing the damage, they figure they should be OK.

They aren’t telling you to see a doctor to rule out an injury, they are telling you to see a doctor to rule out a lawsuit. Even those who got hard flaccid from a non PE related physical accident, or after drug use (damage to the nervous system) must be deligitimized too, because if they acknowledge the injury for those people, they would be acknowledging it for those injured from PE, and potentially opening themselves up to a giant lawsuit.

If you sift through the vague and lackluster safety info on a profit orientated forum, you’ll see that they explicitly mention that erect bends can cause permanent damage, but not for any other exercise. If the admins demonstrate awareness of hard flaccid injuries in open forum, the question becomes raised as to why this wasn’t disclosed in the safety info.

And just so people know, my internet source for jelqing prior to my injury was some random site with virtually zero safety info or any comprehensive info at all. I tried jelqing as a joke thinking it would do nothing. Later I discovered a profit orientated forum when seeking solutions about my injury and discovered this nightmare and how these criminally minded people operate.

PS- Heart disease is a symptom, not a thing unto itself. Erectile dysfunction is a symptom, not a thing unto itself. A headache is a symptom, not a thing unto itself. So all of these things kind of aren’t actually real things, they are symptoms. Kind of like how hard flaccid isn’t a real thing. See what I did there?

One of the fake injury accounts on another forum is still going around telling people not to listen to ‘Dr. Google’ about possible causes of actual damage to your penis, and to fix your pelvic floor (which he also learned about from Dr. Google, not that it matters).

6 years later, and 2 or 3 people have actually recovered from pelvic floor tension based treatments. It’s not a 99% failure rate; it’s a 99.9% percent failure rate. These people think that we are all stupid enough that we will just completely ignore a 99.9% failure rate, and that a lie repeated enough times becomes the truth. Every time you see them repeating obvious lies over and over in the face of utterly overwhelming evidence, which even a five year old could understand, just remember how they are scared of a lawsuit, and of losing business.

People’s penises are not normal, and pelvic floor therapy isn’t working. It doesn’t matter what a urologist says, or what they read to try to figure out why. Their penises are not normal, a concept that any middle schooler would be able to figure out. They think that we as grown men are actually dumb and desperate enough to believe this garbage- telling us our penises our normal when they aren’t- and all because they are scared of a lawsuit and scared of losing business; these people are laughing at you behind your back.

At this point, the injury sub forum on a profit orientated forum is for pelvic floor therapists what Facebook is for divorce attorneys, except for the 99.9% failure rate.

Ever notice how it’s the same very few or one person who repeats over and over again that it’s all pelvic floor tension, and all that really matters is what a urologists says, amidst a sea of people whose penises are not normal? Ever notice how these people never actually ask questions, but always repeat the same few lines, no matter what? How they ignore a 99.9% percent failure rate? How they never ask for more details about what’s happening without someone’s penis, but only ask what a urologist said?

They never ask any questions or for any clarification, they always repeat the same few lines, no matter what. The lines that they are repeating, which make no sense, have the benefit of downplaying injuries, with the goal of protecting a profit orientated forum from losing business, and from a lawsuit. They want us all to calm down about a sea of penile carnage, people’s penises not being normal at all (they never ask questions) and not really pay attention, hoping it all goes away, and they can get on with business as usual.


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