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Hanging injury - dont know what this is.

Hanging injury - dont know what this is.

Ok I been hanging for almost a month now ,started with 5 pounds straight down hanging then I went to 7 pounds ,this Saturday I raised to 10 pounds but tunica hanging over the shoulder ,I woke up Sunday and notice a dent on the left side of my dick and is still there and only hurts a little bit ,so is a dent and then right next to it a swollen bump .I’m not freaking out yet til someone tells me what it is ,so if anyone knows what it is please let me know.

When you change angles it is generally recommended to lower the weight. Also you should increase by 1lb per week. Cannot advise on the injury, except to take a break until everything is back to normal.

Thank you.

Whats up with all Charlie sheen avatars? I love that guy:D

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