Hanging - impaired erection?

Hi Guys,

Hope you can help me out with this one. I’ve been experimenting with PE for quite some time now, though my gains over that time have been very slow. Hoping to give my gains a good kick up the arse, in the last six months I bought a bibhanger and monty’s fine ADS weights. I used them in conjunction for about three months, and had a really good run - modest additional gains and rock-hard erections.

Then, in early August, following the same hanging routine as I had been previously (heat, ten minute sets followed by 1.5lb ADS), something went wrong. I couldn’t get my dick rock solid any more, no matter how much stimulation (mental and physical) I applied, and my girlfriend certainly noticed. Imagine holding your cock while erect and being able to bend it up to 30 degrees from straight, even though you’re as turned on as you possibly can be, and you’ll have an idea what I’m on about.

I thought I’d done myself something nasty, so I stopped hanging for three weeks to allow my body to heal. My erections got a lot better, but still weren’t as rock solid as they were before. I went back to the bibhanger, nice slow warmup, another ten minute session again, and bang - same thing again. No pain to speak of, but my just more shit quality erections again. Morning wood is still there, but the same thing applies - erect but ‘wobbly’. Has anyone else had this happen to them while hanging, and can anyone make a suggestion or two? I don’t really jelq, but if that would help increase the pressure and get my dick harder again, I’ll give it a shot.


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