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Hanger too tight??

Hanger too tight??

Has anyone ever had any issues with hanging where after they remove the hanger their head turns completely white and the unit sucks up into the body for under an hour? What is this from? Wrapping too tight? circulation issues? nerve issues?

This happened to me yesterday I was on my second set with 5lbs to the hanger and 15 minutes into the session I lost all feeling in my unit. I became anxious and took off my hanger immediately, and initially I thought it was because my wrap on the hanger was extremely tight as it could be yet I wasn’t sure. This morning I had a good erection but am not hanging today just resting until I find more answers.

Whoa, that sounds weird, man. How severely does it pull back into the body? After I remove my Captain’s Wench, my unit becomes a shade lighter (from dark red to lighter), but never white. The extreme turtling sounds like weight is too much.

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What sort of hanger are you using?

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Bib hanger is what I’m using. I asked Bib all kinds of questions about the incident and he said he couldn’t know. Maybe I had the hanger too tight with way too much wrap that caused no circulation? My penis returned to normal 1 1/2 hours later and all feeling had came back.

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