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Hairs growing mid-shaft

Hairs growing mid-shaft

Hi all, lately Ive noticed hairs are sprouting up around mid shaft of my penis, im not a hairy man and I think that this may be a result of the skin being stretched forward to much.

Im not to keen on these hairs and want to know why they are there and how I should prevent more/ get rid of the apart from shaving or waxing.


I recommend shaving, once it grows back the little tine hairs will stimulate your partner more :)

Excuse my English !

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Hey Plan! Theis is a normal thing, since your penis is growing and the skin is moving forward with it.

There is no perfect solution for this problem - but personally I use tweezers to remove them. Works good.

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Well, you can go to one of those beautyparlours that offer electric/laser/whatever-it-is to kill the little hair sacks. Might be a bit strange explaining exactly which hairs you want removed.

Or you start using tweezers when you go to the bathroom.

But if the hair is on midshaft, then you are either amassing ungodly amounts of turkey neck (do a search) or else it is just that your newfound hobby has made you observe them.

regards, mgus

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I’ve always had two annoying fine hairs about half an inch down from my glans on the shaft, after years of plucking when neccesary one has finally gone and the other looks like it’s about to.

Common problem.

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Same here, I got them a full two inches from my base. Really annoying, but I think it just comes with the territory.

I think most guys have them but of course we don’t ever tell anyone.

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Except us, cause we’re weird :D

Thanks everyone :D

You don’t have any on your palms also do you?
You could burn it off. Both places.

Just kidding, they’ve already explained it.

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I read somewhere that to stop hairs “creeping up” your shaft, that you should stretch the skin on your shaft as follows:

Have one hand grip just bellow your glans, and the other at the base (as if you were going to jelq), and then pull in opposite directions.

Don’t know whether it works as I am still inexperienced in the world of PE!

If you’re not a hairy man, in general, you can probably tweeze them a few times and be done with it. My shaft hairs are pretty stubborn, keep coming back (even multiplying), and become ingrown.

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Originally Posted by Sjakie
I recommend shaving, once it grows back the little tine hairs will stimulate your partner more :)

I never thought of that. That’s clever

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Originally Posted by Sjakie
I recommend shaving, once it grows back the little tine hairs will stimulate your partner more

Originally Posted by Mr. T
I never thought of that. That’s clever

I can’t say I’ve had the same experience. Short hairs poke and cause discomfort. I’ve been on the receiving end of this, too, and it hurts.

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