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Great bruise healing cream

Great bruise healing cream

A while back I started getting some bruising on the underside of Mr. Johnson and some bruising around the peehole from hanging. I bought a bunch of different creams to try out. The winner is - Arnica/Comfrey cream!

While I’m on a hanging routine, it keeps the bruising down to a low percentage. When I’m on a 7 to 30+ day break, it just about clears all the bruising up. I like to try and hang am and pm to accumulate the much desired hours but bruising soreness at the peehole was inhibiting me from getting in some pm sessions. This cream has allowed me hang am and pm consistently with 1 application post am session. It doesn’t totally eliminate all soreness, but more than enough to allow me to get the pm session in. I think a re-application of the cream around lunchtime could be even more beneficial but I haven’t tried it yet.

My overall post session regime may add some healing as well, fully recirculating blood back into the full unit via
Massage/dry jelq/edge/light manual stretching combination.

I’ve also noticed that it seems to make a difference when applying the cream to a semi erect unit versus a totally flaccid one. (Maybe it’s all in my mind)

I deeply massage the cream into the whole shaft first with both hands and some light jelqing. I then massage the cream into the head in a circular swirling motion with one hand while I apply a light clamp squeeze before the head with my other hand, thus engorging the head. After the cream is massaged in, I press down directly on the peehole for 30 seconds with my thumb (still light clamp squeezing) to empty any tiny pockets of old blood that may still be trapped there. This post workout routine has allowed me to get in consistent am and pm sessions. I hope it helps you if you choose to try it.

Here’s where I bought the Arnica/Comfrey cream from:

I notice they ship to anywhere in north America, not sure about international.


Shouldn't you be Jelqing?

GottaB8, was your bruising brownish in discoloration or darker? On the side of my shaft (from clamping) I’ve had some pretty permanent dark discoloration. My head has some light brown discoloration from hanging a while back. How much has the discoloration gone away? If this is a good cure for both darker and light brown discoloration, that’d be great :) .

Footeddie - My underside is/was brownish and my peehole is/was more purplish. The reason I say is/was is because the side effect of my hanging causes bruising/discoloration. While I’m on a hanging routine, applying the cream keeps the bruising down to a minimum. When I’m on a decon break, the cream eliminates 90+% of the bruising. Although the maximum decon break I’ve taken since I started hanging was around 30 days. Hope that helps.


Shouldn't you be Jelqing?

gottaB8: How’s the cream been treating you? I ordered some yesterday, so I should have it in a week or so :) . I’m eager to see how well it works, aside from getting out the bigger bruised areas, maybe it can get out those little stubborn bruises (from clamping).

I use an Arnica Gel and I too am impressed. It definitely has lightened some of my older marks and has helped me through soreness. I learned about Arnica from BIB (God I wish that guy would come back to this forum, even if it only a post or two a month). I get the brownish underside but I have never had any bruising around the peehole. Any idea what causes that?

Footeddie - The cream is working real well. I’ve been more disciplined in trying to apply it 3+ times per day. I set up a date with an escort and was concerned that she might ask about the bruising. Multiple daily applications took care of it, combined with 3 days off prior to the date, and she didn’t say a thing!

Shelovesit - I tried the Arnica gel too, but found the cream absorbs better, thus better penetration. I think the added Comfrey gives a more synergistic healing as well. As for the peehole bruising, I think it stems from having the BIB too far back towards my body, thus pushing remaining blood in my unit to a concentrated point at the peehole. I’m gonna try moving the BIB closer to my head and see if it helps.

Shouldn't you be Jelqing?

I wish I had read your post before I ordered 3 tubes of the plain Arnica gel. I’ll try the Arnica/Comfrey cream after this batch runs out or I need to order something else.

I removed the gel from my bib in the hopes of avoiding the large bruises on the bottom. Sofar so good. Between this and the gel I am really clearing up.

How did the date with the escort go? I am very happily married but I can see where, for a single guy that would be a great strategy to meet fine women.


Does the Arnica/Comfrey cream list the percentage of Arnica?


No, the cream doesn’t list the percentage of Arnica.
The “date” went well.with a “happy ending”.

On a side note, that same company does custom oil blends. I got them to do up a blend of “EVO” (Erosets vein oil) for me. They quoted me $85/cdn or $75/usd for 16 oz.

Shouldn't you be Jelqing?

Arnica must not be deep massaged, only ligth applied, and never in open wounds

I forget: is good also to take Arnica in Homeopatic pills, 5CH three little globe three time a day

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