Got a pinched vein..turned black!

Hi all,

Well, in all my time doing PE I finally went and got myself an injury. What happened was, I used 2 Thera-P wrist straps back to back on my unit to get a flaccid stretch. I stretched it out some while flaccid and put on one wrap, this bunched up the skin toward the glans. With this wrap pulled out, I placed a second wrap behind it around the shaft/base. Together these have always given a nice comfortable stretch to the flaccid.

I usually leave this rig on for 1-2 hours at a time. I’ve done this routine many times but this time I got myself a boo-boo.

I noticed things started to hurt after about 30-45 min into the stretch and when I removed the wrap toward the glans I saw a black spot about 3/8” dia when I smoothed the skin out around it. This thing is pretty nasty looking! It appears I pinched or broke a vein I think and blood puddled in that one area, no where else. This thing reminds me of a blood blister like hitting your finger with a hammer and right under the skin.

I does not hurt at all. I have been rubbing it to try and move the blood but it’s not moving. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten a ‘hickey’ like this on their unit before and will the blood eventually be absored into the skin and look normal again? I hope so cause this looks pretty funky to me.