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Glans Rough/Whitish Callouses

Glans Rough/Whitish Callouses

Hmm I’ve been having this problem for some time. It occurs in the area of contact between the back of the glans and where the pressure from my manual stretching is. I get sort of white callouses, they are rough and the area is usually sensitive and slightly raw after lots of stretching. It hasn’t affected me much but I could do with out the roughness in that area. Its almost like the area has become calloused. I usually use a piece of cotton (in the shower) or a small piece of saran wrap to get grip, but i’m not sure if thats what causing the problems. Anyone else in a similar situation because of manual stretches?

Yeah, I had that for a while. The solution I came up with is to cool it for a week on the stretches, then when I resumed used moistuizer like crazy when stretches were finishd. I also found that talc or baby powder used as a grip aid did not tend to cause it as much as paper or latex.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks luvdadus, yeah I was thinking it had something to dow ith the surface material. It was worse when I used a piece of tissue. I’ll try the powder, never thought of that until today!

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