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Get sore after ejaculation.

Get sore after ejaculation.

This is something odd that I have experienced ever since I was a wee lad first discovering the wondrous idea of masturbation. Well the odd thing for me is that my penis gets really fatigued after I do it at least the rest of the day.

Since I started PEing, if I masturbated then it would sometimes take an extra day or two before I could PE again. If I don’t masturbate then I am usually fine to PE daily. Heck, sometimes I am not even sore after PE and then later that night if I masturbate, then POW! I am in fatigue heaven. Any ideas on this?



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Interesting Tom. I have a similar problem with my refractory period. If I have had sex or masturbated, then the morning after I have often been unable to PE due to not being able to get a decent erection.

I have experienced long refractory times and also some tired cock after PE (mainly girth exercises - jelq/uli) where erections would be weaker for a period after PE but I think that is normal.

I think as avocet8 said in his ejaculation process thread, the refractory period differs from person to person, from minutes to hours. Could be down to having a higher amount of prolactin in the body than usual? Or that more is released after we ejaculate? Hopefully someone will know.


I am not even speaking about erection level, but just plain soreness like I had just done PE instead of having an orgasm. However, I do hope someone can shed some light on this. Thanks for the link melvin_uk.

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

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