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Foreskin restoration

Foreskin restoration

If I’m posting this in the wrong section, can someone kindly point me in the right direction or move it.

I’m cut and it’s a really tight cut. When trying to force the foreskin over the glans while flaccid, it covers half the glans. Looking at the Foreskin Coverage Index I think I am a CI-1 or CI-2.

What are the best options? I know that there is some nice cone shaped devices which I like the look of but I don’t have enough foreskin to put in there yet. So the start is the hardest part, but I don’t know which direction to go in for the first stage. Any advice?

I am not looking for full restoration, but I want it to be a looser cut. Like a CI-4 or CI-5. Since I have gained with PE, it’s gotten tighter and I want some room to work with.


Over the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve gone from a CI-3 to a CI-8 using TLC-X Tugger. It’s all a matter of choice and each guy I’ve spoken to reckons his gear is the way to go. As with PE, though, you require dedication and time to see worthwhile results. If you want to PM me, I’m happy to share where I’ve been.

Some have reported increased loose shaft skin from PE in general, and pumping in particular.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I’ve been restoring for several years, and my initial success came from using the T-Tape method.

Since you claim to be tightly cut, I doubt that you’d have much success with any of the the various “devices” available, as they mostly require at least a bit of foreskin to properly attach.

There are quite a few discussions on this site about foreskin restoration. Here’s a post I created almost 4 years ago using the T-Taping method:

Foreskin Restoration - T-Tape Method

Here’s a link to T-Taping I found when I googled T-Tape:

Hope these help,

Thank you Damfino!


Especially thanks for this link list!

Foreskin Restoration Links

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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Thanks for the thanks, Iamaru.

And thanks for the link list. I had forgotten about that list.


Somehow, I get the impression that PE can undo some of your foreskin restoration efforts. I started with jelqing some 3 or 4 years ago, but was quite haphazard at it and each session probably only lasted 10 or 15 minutes. I’m away from hom at present and don’t have my early dick measurements with me, but I am pretty sure I added at least 1” in length and better than 1/2” in girth in that time. I’ll post them in my signature when I can.

In the last month or so, I’ve become far more dedicated at jelqing, doing it 5 days a week and 30 minutes each time. I’ve also started edging rather than cumming when I masturbate. I’ve noticed quite an increase in girth and in flaccid length (I do have measurements to show the increase in EG, but not in flaccid length, but I do know it looks and feels much bigger. The rapid increase in flaccid length means that I seems to have gone back from a CI-8 to a 6 or 7. I do like the larger flaccid length, especially when in the change room at the gym — makes me feel really good. I suspect, it means that I’ll have to go back to restoring for a season, though.

Anyone else got any similar experiences? Lampwick, you seem to have different experiences. How about some details please?

Thanks guys. Will give them a look. Does the T-Tape method work in any way towards PE, or is it soley for restoration? It sort of looks like an ADS.

Rick, I’ve always felt that PE made it a tighter cut, then before PE. But I have no numbers to back it up. And haven’t attempted restoration (yet).

CubanB, my understanding is that foreskin restoration is just that and is not an ADS — not intended for dick extension. TLC Tugger does have something that is close, but most things I’ve seen are for foreskin stretching only.

Yes, I’ve suspected that PE will undo my previous good FR results. Oh well! PE is more important for the moment. I’d love a dick that looked uncircumcised even if it wasn’t. I had that, but supsect I’m about to lose it, in part at least.

I use the TLC Tugger, I approve. It definitely does produce some sort of stretch in the way an ADS would, but the focus is split between the penis and the skin.

Start (Initially August 2008, Properly November/December 2008): 6.9x4.9

Currently (September 2010): 8.5x5.75 (6.25 inch head girth)

CubanB: The T-Taping method is attached only to the available foreskin, and is not actually pulling on the penile shaft “interior,” so it is not really an ADS (although it might look like one).

My own experience with PE is that I thought I gained a bit more foreskin (mainly through jelqing), but it was not significant.


Not long after I started FR I started using a version of TLC Tugger called the TLC deep. It has more of a recessed cup for the glans than the other tuggers he sells. It allows guys like me who didn’t have much skin to start with a way to start using a tapeless tugger. It worked for me to start out with.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

I just got one of Ron Low’s TLC-X devices and I am impressed with how well it works :)

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