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first time extreme uli

first time extreme uli

I just tried an extreme uli for the first time tonight, and it appears that I tightened the hose clamp to tight because when I took it off I had a lose of sensation and numbness which I’m still having (I finished the session about 30 minutes ago). Will this subside in a little bit or am I looking at some serious problems. Damn I’m worried.

P.S. I’m ‘not’ a novice at PE and I have had my share of injurys but never nothing like this.

Thank’s in advance for the replys.

Given time minor nerve damage will repair itself.

Hose clamp? I know that’s what was originally suggested as the method for this extreme “exercise,” but nowadays we suggest easier to remove cable clamps.

I took 50 milligrams of viagra and I was able to get an erection and ejaculate, but with much less sensation. I guess no PE, sex/masturbation for awhile. Didn’t realize how much apart of my life these were until know that I’m going to have to quit them for a month or longer. Nothing tonight but xanax and sleep to help with this depression. Hopefully I’ll have a fairly quick recovery. Any recommendations to help with recovery? Thank’s

Only what you’ve already determined: leave it alone until it heals.

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