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Firm flaccid penis

Bump.. Any updates ?

Hey guys,

this thread is very interesting Injury from PE exercise.

Allow me to quote the original poster. First, the injury and symptoms:

Originally Posted by amp424
The PE exercises that I was performing:
-A stretch on my penis in it’s flaccid state to promote the growth of length
-In conjunction with jelqs assisted by lotion

What I have been experiencing is:

-A loss of sensation
-Tremendous difficulty to gain an erection (though still possible, and I am somewhat capable of reaching a comparable size)
-Inability to move my penis by tensing the muscle used to cease urination
-And a general feeling of the penis feeling sort of “detached”

Second, the diagnosis:

Originally Posted by amp424
Well, I had my urologist visit today and I feel great after hearing my second opinion.

The urologist as my second opinion was incredible, she was very receptive to my questions (yes I brought my write-up to her :) ), she was extremely informative (even drew pictures for me and diagrammed out all of the mechanics of how I work).

Upon consultation and examination she determined that I had torn the connective tissue on the left sift that holds together the three cylinders that make up my groin. She claimed that since the damage was nerve related that the entire healing process of the injury is extremely long: 6-18 months. This is because nerve related injuries take VERY long to heal, she expressed that nerves grow roughly 1mm per year, that’s the size of a tip of a pen!

She said that I have a very good chance to make nearly a full recovery (98-99%) in 6 to 18 months time based on how my body heals; according to her the healing process is very different from individual to individual. She also stated that taking ED related medication can assist the recovery process by cycling the blood in my groin, increasing the oxygen exchange to assist tissue regeneration; she gave me a sample of Levitra (I plan on waiting to use it until I am with my partner later in this week).

Here’s the thing that really shocked and relieved the hell out of me:
She stated that for my specific injury, sexual activity doesn’t even impair, slow down, or halt the recovery process at all so long as it’s tame in nature. She actually discussed how sexual activity can help to promote my recovery since it encourages blood flow and an exchange of oxygen.

It brought quite a smile to my face when she had told me:
“Well, it can assist your recovery but I’m not exactly prescribing or writing down on a note that you need to be having alot of sex, but you understand where I’m coming from”

It was the sort of smile that put me in probably the best mood I have ever been in; this experience has been truly eye-opening.

If your situation matches this, I think this diagnosis may be true. To allow this scenario to unfold, I recommend:
- not doing anything stretch-like as this is what seems to have caused the injury
- promoting erections and bloodflow in a very mild manner.

I’v read Hyperlite explain somewhere that his condition healed and went sour again. I had the same thing happen to me. And if you think back, you will remember that 223233 also healed abruptly. It strongly points to nerve problems. This is our problem guys.

I still fail to see how you pulled something in your ‘groin’ , when it was a penis exercise :S

My inition injury some time ago was caused by excessive hanging without warm ups then made seemingly permament from streching and jelqing.

Seems possible, the one guy from PE gym also stated something about a torn muscle in the groin as being cause of this.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

By groin I think he meant dick.

Owen, what is your update then?

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Bump ?

M bumping this too

Guys bring this thread back we must get to the bottom of this

The only sensible thing to do is to get the money and go see a very good urologist or andrologist. You know, the person who trained for decades to solve problems of his kind.

Originally Posted by moxsum
Has anyone else had the experience I’ve had;

Initially the firm flaccid was really bad, but after a few weeks of rest, then going back to relatively normal sex.. Firm flaccid greatly improved.. But never 100% back to normal, just not firm most of the time, but still more firm then before, or occasionally going really soft.

Just recently it came back a little bit after I clenched my pelvic floor..

So it seems some guys get it really bad and it stays that way, other guys it goes away quickly/completely.. And me I’m sorta in the middle, it improves a lot, but maybe doesn’t feel 100% like it used to, just different.

I’m the same way, I have a firm flaccid but not rock hard almost all the time. And a handful of times throughout a typical day it will be a very hard hard flaccid. But at other times I will be moderately soft to a basically normal healthy plump flaccid, but I can almost still feel as if something is amiss. I rested completely for about a month, and I no longer masturbate. It’s been about 9 months, I’ve resumed a very regular sex life, but I still have the firm flaccid. I am grateful that my firm flaccid does not hinder me too much, but it still worries me quite a bit.

Someone answer me this. Now you guys all have the firm flaccid as do I. Have you noticed that with the firm flaccid, or the closely related “rubber” flaccid, that erections just aren’t what they used to be? Because I have noticed this. For almost a year now I have been missing about .25 in girth, and a bit of length. No matter what I can never get that full erection at all fellas. Anyone in the same boat as me?

Secondly, has anybody tried pumping at all? I’m getting a bath mate very very very soon to try to combat this condition, or to at least get my full erections back.

I haven’t tried pumping before or after my injury. At this point I think it would do more harm than good for my condition, I wouldn’t take the risk, but I don’t know.

I have lost a bit of girth and length, but I haven’t really been keeping track or measuring since the injury about 9 or more months ago.

Mr. Friend, are you healthy in other aspects of your life. Do you work out regularly, have a good diet, and/or supplement with things like multivitamins, fish oil, green tea, zinc, Super B-complex. I stay on top of all those and my erections are almost always very hard, not what they used to be, but hard. I’m probably hard flaccid probably 80% of the time, I’ve noticed being in warm areas helps a little bit.

Update: The taint, or area between my genitals and my asshole is kind of uncomfortable feeling now, I didn’t notice it as strongly before. Could be the perineum and nerves in that area. I honestly have no clue.


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