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Firm flaccid penis

Aha, thanks a lot!

I found some piriformis stretched on youtube, is it these or are there any “routine” you guys have develoepd?

Alright, I went to a urologist today, but he doesn’t do the tests in his office. :( I need to find a urologist that specializes in sexual medicine and erectile dysfunction I was told (not that we all didn’t figure this already in terms of urologists). The doctor will inject my penis and do the ultrasound to check for blood flow in both the flaccid and erect states I was told today. I know this isn’t much help, but I just wanted to keep an update on what I am being told by doctors in case anyone else is curious. I will continue to update and during this time, I will absolutely not masturbate and try not to touch my penis much at all.

Longing, definitely do those stretches and also massage the area between your scrotum and anus with a tennis ball. These will loosen things up. Even if this doesn’t address your particular problem directly, it will ultimately promote healing by relaxing both that area and your body as a whole. Stretching never hurts, unless it’s the urologist stretching your penis and feeling for Peyronie’s plaques ;) .

How many people in this thread who are suffering from this problem have been to see a Urologist??

A simple YES or NO please, followed by a sentence describing how qualified the Urologist was.

This isn’t a discussion of how effective Urologists are so I don’t want to hear “it’s pointless going to see a Urologist because ______ went and they didn’t know what was wrong with him”, this is a survey of how many of you have actually been to see someone in the field of Urology for your problem?

Thank you.


Part of my point is, if you don’t go to see a Urologist because someone on here said they didn’t you’re are not only ruling out some potentially important professional advice you are ALSO not bringing this problem to their attention for the benefit of yourselves and others.

And if this problem doesn’t come to their attention enough they WILL NOT research the whole firm/flaccid phenomena and find a cause and a cure. Why? Because like any industry the medical industry is all about supply and demand. If there aren’t enough cases of firm/flaccid coming to light they will just bury it and justify it by saying “thankfully these cases are few and far between”.

By not seeing a urologist you are jeopardising the search for a cure!

Thanks Doggot.

Some more YES or NO’s please?

Yes - 3 uros, one considered as a really good one.

Please check my previous post regard help of urologist in that matter in this thread.

No. It is a simple matter of money.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

I figure I should contribute something too.

I had about a week where everything was normal. My flaccid was full, everything was loose and soft. Erections were great, and I was horny a lot.

The trick was masturbating every three days.

I did it too early one time, and now I am back to the same old FF.

I can feel something different though, but I am not sure if it is in my head or not. The muscle right behind my pubic bone feels tense, and I realized when I thought I was “relaxing it” I was simply doing a reverse kegel. When everything was normal, I couldn’t feel this sensation. For example try to feel or sense your bicep. You cannot unless you flex it. I can always feel the muscle behind my pubic bone, except for when everything is normal. Is that the PC muscle? So I guess it is tense.

Does anyone understand what I am saying? I am going to have to wait for another normal day to see if this is real or not.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Yes, 2 board-certified urologists, but not ones that deal with sexual medicine and erectile dysfunction. In the next two weeks, I hope to see one at a university medical center specializing in sexual medicine and ED.

One thing to add: When I first got my ff problem, it was the very beginning of February. I did not touch it for 3-4 weeks except for putting a little bit of moisturizer on it. It got better over this time, but my penis now protrudes out of my abdomen/scrotal area farther to the left than it used to. Also, the hair is farther up the shaft on the side that the penis points towards.

My question for anyone here is if they believe some of the advice from the doctor on has helped them at all. I do not know much about the doctor, but it is the only semi-legitimate source on the Internet that has information that mentions firm flaccid.

I haven’t been to a urologist yet, I have other health related things I want to sort out first.

cure-erectile-dysfunction is complete crap, the person behind it used to recommend other supplements on another persons website with a referral link (meaning he gets a cut if a sale is made), he then started selling his own supplements and when I asked why he now sells them (they are completely different) my question was ignored, I wonder why.

The person hasn’t even bothered to create a profile about “their” medical background, he has just called himself a doctor.

I’ve seen 3 urologists so far. The first 2 were just general urologists. They performed a cystoscopy and a doppler blood flow when I was flaccid. These tests were normal. I also had an MRI done on my lower back and penis. The MRI did show that the base of my penis had a weird bend, but that was it. I believe the bend is caused by my ligament being stretched. However, I recently started to see a urologist that specializes in sexual medicine and he performed a doppler blood flow study when my penis was erect and it showed my blood flow was lower. I also had a urine flow test which showed that was low as well. He wants to perform some more tests on me and then decide a plan of action from there. He has mentioned that biofeedback might be an option for me to try and relax my pelvic muscles. I highly doubt a general urologist would have mentioned this option so as mentioned earlier it is best to see a urologist that specializes in sexual medicine.

As far as those supplements go, I mentioned earlier that it is a marketing scheme, but a lot of the supplements are things that are already mentioned in this thread as things we should take. You can find all those supplements for a lot cheaper on other sites. I purchased the SR cream from another site, but I did not notice any real benefit. But do not purchase any supplements from that site.

No Thunder, Dr. Richards is the doctor on that site. Wouldn’t it be nice if all penis sites had doctors? I am not saying anything against PE and am glad it worked for you. Like most things in life, it doesn’t work for everyone.


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