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Firm flaccid penis

Originally Posted by persian
I think it’s your pelvic floor contracting. Were you doing lots of kegels or no kegels at all before your injury?

None ( intentionally ) I don’t think.

Bmaschina do you have less hard flaccids and easier erections now, still from the penis pump ?

Guys, does quitting masturbation altogether cause negative effects for this condition ?I stopped for about a week and a half, I found it harder to get an erection but found it easy once I was watching some porno, I had a crazy hard erection like never before. Is it best to just masturbate once or twice per week, to some extremely softcore images, until it’s possible to get hard completely without porn ?

I seem to be having less hard flaccid by doing reverse kegela throughout the times it feels relaxed and spongy like before allthis.. And sometimes it goes back to being very hard flaccid, so does this mean I actually have scar tissue or not?. And where has everyone gone :s .

Seems everyone is gone.

Actually people are here observe and learn but it just seems that venom has great activity last time,Neprinol it sounds good,venom how is your carnitine treatment working ?

Been Ill yesterday and still feel abit Ill today. My dick is basically dead and I juust want to fucking die, tried watching some porn last night and I just got a semi then it turned hardflaccid and I had no feeling or sensitivity in the shaft at all. I e just turned 18 for god sake this is not suposed to be happening to me, I may as well not even have a dick I actually feel like I’m cursed

I’m thinking of going to the doctor

About this now, would it even be worth doing this ? As every single person I’ve read about who asked the doctor had absolutely no success.

Just an update..

So for a few weeks my erections have been great when I have sex.. Full stiff boners.. No problems.. And my hard flaccid seemed to go away, or atleast I didnt notice it..

Today I had some blood drawn at a physical (6 viles) and I had a slight panic attack afterward (stress/adrenaline) - then tonight I’ve noticed my penis is a bit firmer flaccid.. Still not too bad though..

Maybe theres a connection betwenn stress and stress hormones like adrenalin / cortisol or something.? I’ve definitely noticed stress makes it way worse.. The past few weeks I’ve been more relaxed then normal and things seemed to work fine for the most part.. Anyone else had similar experiences?

This definitely makes me confident, it’s not a permanent thing.. It was really bad for a couple weeks but then miraculously things got better and I had lots of good sex with my girlfriend for a while, hoping that will continue despite noticing a bit more firmness tonight.

This thing makes no sense, the other day it was fine - literally my flaccid was plump with no problem whatsoever just like this whole problem had never even existed.

The next day it’s turtling all the time, feels rock hard when flaccid, no sensitivity, extremely tense, impossible to get erection.

Managed to get a really hard erection with minimal stimulation, ( whilst watching porn ) and I noticed when I had it I was contracting the PC muscle a fair bit. So to counter this I tried to relax it by pushing on the BC muscle ( similar to squeezing the lower abs ) and it did help a little.
I also noticed I lost interest in the porn before I had even finished ( I was just edging ) , the erection then got abit weaker and I stopped masturbating.. Then I had a fair bit of pre cum come out.

Would you say my problem is related to my pelvic ( pc muscles ) and or prostate ?

I’m starting to think I may have prostatitis ( inflammation of the prostate ), as I have alot of precum - and when I do, the erection dies. Also, if the prostate is enlarged, it can touch NERVES !

So this may be the case for some of you.

Originally Posted by venomx
I’m starting to think I may have prostatitis ( inflammation of the prostate ), as I have alot of precum - and when I do, the erection dies. Also, if the prostate is enlarged, it can touch NERVES !
So this may be the case for some of you.

Just to add on this, my condition worsens if I’m sitting down for a long time ( which I tend to sit on the PC when I get home for hours and hours, and on the weekends when the weather is poor I have been known to be on the computer for over 10 hours !! ) My life seems to revolve around GYM GYM GYM Computer Computer College.

So if it is prostatitis, it does worsen if your sitting down for extended periods. This seems to be the case for me, also.
I reckon if I have prostatitis, I got it by going through a crazy stage of sitting on the PC all day surfing for long porn videos, and edging for hours and hours.. Literally. Which would have a HUGE strain on the urethra at a young age.


I can also remember going through a small stage of doing prostate massages, and after I did them semen would come out and my dick would be extremely hard flaccid . This may have been where it started, if it was then it must be prostatitis


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