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Firm flaccid penis

Walgart, try Maca, L-Arginine, Ginseng and/or Ginkgo. Also, hot wrap your unit several times daily. Also, I always recommend avoiding ejaculation, and to have frequent stimulation. That means you can masturbate, and get nice and rock hard, and then kind of stimulate yourself without pushing yourself over the edge. And never go past the point of no return. Just stop after awhile. You’ll find that your penis gains a lot of strength and health from this exercise, and it can aid in recoveries. Contrarily, the more you often ejaculate, the more often you cause detriment to your penis health and make it more difficult to recover from injury.


Hyperlite, I think we may have the same injury really to some extent. Do you mind sharing some of the things to relax the pelvic floor?

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Yes Thanks matutinal_euphony, actually I`ve done it all for some time and Im convinced that in my situation I will need something with much more influence and power to target my unit.I wrote somewhere that I was walking with injured boner long time using this kinds of supplements,even overdosed them and noticed no chagnes.Mayby 3 months daily viagra would change something, but I dont want take this med for so long time every night.

You described as well balooning/edging as I see and with time this would change something there for sure as improving circulation all the time in unit but I think here that light pumping would do even better with time, after light pumping I have even some kind of morning wood.

Before injury it was morning steel and now this new varicose veins don`t allow blood to stay there, so I still believe that I have to target it mayby some surgery, the best some not so invasive as embolization but I don`t know still what to do with scar tissues which are responsible for my bigger unit in flaccid state beside varicose veins in my opinion.

So still any wise advices are real welcome.

I`ll add that remember in one tbirdy`s post on matters, that he clamed after doing 3 months daily viagra treatment his glans at least inflate properly when he fuck with 50 mg of this PDE-5 inhibitor in his system.

Originally Posted by Owen33
Interesting. Thanks for sharing! Maybe you didn’t lose size but instead your gains were somewhat temporary. It seems to be a common experience. Did the transformation happen right as you were relaxing yourself mentally? Was it more a coincidence or a connection? I might have a suggestion for you instead of regular yoga.

Yeah it happened right as I totally relaxed and forgot about my issue. All of a sudden while I was laying in bed I could feel my penis coming back to life. It’s like something opened up or let go in side of me and my penis just transformed back to it’s normal state. All of this happened with in 2-3 minutes. I did notice that my unit was swollen for a few days after this. It couldn’t have been a coincidence, I some how managed to let go of all the tension and my body just relaxed which allowed for normal function again. Please Owen if you have any suggestions I would love to hear it!

As far as the Verapamil goes, I was prescribed this by my urologist to treat scar tissue. He found some hard lumps on my penis and told me this cream would loosen up the tissue and allow for more expansion. I used this cream right after I injured myself for the second time about 3 years ago. It seemed to have worked because the urologist said the lumps were gone. My biggest issue is still the pelvic floor tension so it’s tough to say how much of a difference this cream made. I used the cream for about a year and then got off it after I ran out last year. After visiting with my Urologist the other day he found another scar tissue spot near the base of my penis. We are not sure if this is new or just went unnoticed. He put me back on the cream for 4-6 months. I got the cream from a drug store, I am not sure if you can buy this online or over the counter.

For relaxation I have been experimenting with different exercises and have had some great results with a few.

- Meditation: Every morning when I wake up I will take a few minutes and try to totally relax my pelvic floor muscles. I try to imagine my body letting go of all the stress and tension.

- Massaging: While I am in the shower I will massage the BC muscles through my scrotum. Feel around for any tenderness, when you find it try to slowly massage it out.

- Rolling on a ball: Take a tennis ball and place it under your ass like your sitting on it. Roll around on it trying to release any tension. This will help to release your hip flexors. Do the same with a bigger ball on your stomach (I use a small basketball).

- Acupuncture and massage therapy: I try to get at least 2 of these in a month.

- Stretching: Take a few minutes to stretch out your lower back, hips and stomach every day.

- Inversions: It sounds kind of silly but it works. Try to do a head stand for a minute or two a day. This is great for circulation and helps to release tension in your lower body. It’s also great for your heart!

- BREATHING: This I find to be the most important and hardest drill. I try to take deep belly breaths through out the day. When you breath in think about lifting your diaphragm and then dropping it completely when you breath out. Your diaphragm effects your pelvic floor, I find if I make an effort to breath like this my pelvic floor relaxes.

Give this a try and see if it helps, I noticed results with in a day of trying these exercises. Let me know how it goes!

You need to quit ejaculating altogether until your penis repairs itself. Listen to those words of wisdom and let them sink in.


Hyperlite you have a PM.

Woke up in the night and had a crazily hard erection. Didn’t last that long though. I’m assuming the reason it was hard was because other areas in my body weren’t using much blood so it could afford to go to my unit.

Still no real improvements then guys, how is the magnesium going ? And any success with stretches in the hip region ?

I had this problem a couple of times pretty bad and I was able to fix things.


matutinal_euphony did you develop serious change in vascularity in your unit in addition ? We mostly have it and this new ugly veins are responsible for blood outflow and leaks.

venom I left magnesium oil in the closet cause realize that for sure would need something more powerful to target in my unit as some kind of surgery rather than all kinds of supplements.So we are dig in embolization topic with Owen, he made great researches to this time actually.

So you guys are going with the venous leak route? I wish you the best of luck. Perhapes that is what we all need, I am unsure.

matutinal_euphony, I am not sure as it has been tryed before to quit masturbation for a period of time. Our main problem is that sometimes the firmness is gone, it always comes back. How long did it take you to heal by halting masturbation?

I have quit smoking after almost a year of smoking too guys, I am hoping that makes some difference. Almsot 2 weeks free.

I just hope that surgurey isn’t the only option.

Venomx, I have been stretching every day. I have become much more flexable already, but there is no real change. I am stuck in a FF state that isn’t too bad, but it is still definetly there most of the time. I would safely say that this is not the answer although I will continue to do so.

And is Owen sharing his research anywhere? I would surley like to see it, or understand the situation. Although I will not be able to afford the procedure, perhapes someday if it is really what I need.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Congratulations on quitting smoking, however I don’t think it will fix your penis. I quit smoking last year in April and didn’t notice any changes relating to my penis.

The only real improvements I see are when I stop masturbating as much.

Cialis also works very well for erections.

Originally Posted by James1984
Congratulations on quitting smoking, however I don’t think it will fix your penis. I quit smoking last year in April and didn’t notice any changes relating to my penis.

Thanks! I know, I do not expect much, but I feel better already.

Same here venomx, about twice a week, maybe three times max and everything seems to be ok, not great, but ok.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Can some one please start a thread on Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome? I know this is what I have and I could use all the advice I can get on this site. I think there might be other people on this thread that have this same issue but are unaware of it yet. I am looking for new ways to relax these muscles. I’m sure there are some people on this site that have dealt with this before.



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