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Firm flaccid penis

I have not had FF for a while now. Ever since I mentioned it here. I think it’s gone completely now. Probably just minor fibrosis for me. I haven’t done anything to fix it so I can’t help you at all guys.

I think you first need to try the simplest things. Your sitting posture and positions, some local stretching and massaging. Also watch the underwear you’re wearing - it can have various effects on the flaccid. Lay off any form of PE for a while. If this doesn’t work, don’t bother coming to the forum too much. Make a trip to the best urologists in US and let them decide. Your time and effort will be much better spent then speculating on a forum. Use the forum just for contact.

This problem is a result of overtraining, neglecting to warm-up, and can be aided by herbs, amino acids and antioxidants.


matutinal_euphony thanks for your input, can you advice us more what exact herbs,amino acids and antioxidants plus dosages to it can help us ?

Originally Posted by moxsum
Yea.. I think I have a tigh piriformis/other pelvis problems but I’m not convinced thats the cause of the problem.. I’m starting to think it’s scar tissue/collagen in the penis.. Because my dick looked a lil inflamed the day before the hard flaccid came on.

So now my goal is to get rid of this excessive fibrotic/collagen in the penis.. Probably won’t be easy but I know it can be done.

I think stress/anxiety are a cause because they don’t allow your body to repair itself normally and avoid this excessive collagen etc. I feel like I’ve been suffering from “adrenal fatigue” or something similar after being incredibly stressed the past year.. This makes it so your body cannot deal with stress (injury) in a normal way..

Does anyone now some creams/supplements that can get rid of this scar tissue or collagen or whatever it is? Is it similar to peyronies? But just covering the whole penis? Why is peyronies so hard to get rid of.. Arent there creams that can remove scar tissue? Maybe not

I was prescribed Verapimal cream by my urologist (specializes in sexual medicine). When your penis is soft feel around the penis for any bumps or hardened areas. These could be signs of scar tissue. Once you have located the scar tissue apply the cream to it twice daily. This cream needs to be used twice a day for 2-3 months before you will really notice a difference.

I am off to see my Urologist (specializes in sexual medicine) today. I am going to ask him about magnesium oil and a few other products that might be good for scar tissue. I’ll try to report back tonight.

Owen how is your EQ?

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

My doc just gave me quad mix. I will let you guys know how insanely quick this should work.

hyperlite10 and what about you, how is your sitation now ? Forgive me but I have no time to check all your posts but remember reading your writing on matters.Verapimal helped you significantly ? What about your unit, did you develop new veins or something like that ? Thanks.

Hyperlite: why don’t you give everyone a rundown of what you’ve tried and comment on it? Are you perhaps in contact with guys like jtmorgan or MrNilsen? I’ve seen you mention a loss of size. Was it gained size lost or natural size lost?

Ironaddict: What’s a quad mix and how it’s supposed to work?

BMashina: Basically like before my injury. Poor glans and CS expansion, but nothing else is different any more. I am hoping pumping or embolization might work (and hoping to see an interventional radiologist soon). If not I might try surgery.

Originally Posted by Owen33

BMashina: Basically like before my injury. Poor glans and CS expansion, but nothing else is different any more. I am hoping pumping or embolization might work (and hoping to see an interventional radiologist soon). If not I might try surgery.

Pumping won’t help, from my experience. It may help with in flow, but not in keeping it there. Ditto on the IV radiologist.

Fuck. Maybe long term pumping? Avocet made gains and counterbalanced his venous leakage (wasn’t “local” though). Perhaps the expanded tissue will clamp on the DDV better? Computerguy, can you pinpoint your leak to your SDV (the one vein you see) or is it in the DDV (right underneath it but not visible)? If somewhere else, might be fibrosis and benefit from time and warm treatment…?

Alright fellas, I’ll try to give you a quick run down on where I am at with all this..

I injured myself about 3 years ago. I was doing a lot of kegel squeezed jelqs at the time and was getting some pretty serious results. After doing a normal routine of kegel squeezed jelqs before bed, I woke up to a dead penis. It was completely shrivelled up, cold and lifeless. I had no feeling in my unit and there was no blood flow. I couldn’t feel my PC muscles contract when I squeezed them. I ended up spending the next week in and out of doctors offices. I must have seen 10 different doctors that week. The doctors looked at me like I was crazy and said that nothing was wrong with me. I ended up seeing 2 different urologists the next week and they both said the same thing. They thought I was crazy, they even recommended that I get some psychiatric help. They almost convinced me that I was losing my mind. I went home that night and lied in bed thinking about my situation and what the urologists said to me. I some how convinced myself that it was all in my head and that I would get better. What happened next was unexplainable: Right before my eyes while I was lying in bed my penis all of a sudden transformed back into it’s normal state. It’s hard to explain, It’s like my penis just started circulation blood again. I got my rigidity back and everything was 100% night and day better. After a lot of research and visits to pelvic floor specialists I realized what happened to me. I gave myself a minor case of prostatitis from all the stress I was inflicting into my pelvic floors while I was doing these kegel jelqs. After a few weeks of rest I got back into PE by starting very very slow. I started doing light non kegel jelqs and stretching before bed. After the 2nd day back to PE I woke up in the morning with a dead penis again. It has been 3 years since this happened and I am still in rough shape. I have been seeing one of the best urologists in sexual medicine in Canada as well as a very good pelvic floor physiotherapist. My therapist is 100% sure I have Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and my Urologist is 100% sure I have some fibrosis. So I am currently being treated for two different problems. I have learned that my pelvic floor has tightened up to protect itself from the damage I was inflicting on my body. I am not sure how the scar tissue formed because I have had some extreme ups and downs through out the last 3 years.

Urologist recommends:
- Verapamil cream twice a day on the scar tissue

Therapist recommends:
- Deep belly breathing
- Yoga
- Acupuncture
- Massage therapy on the trigger points in my stomach and inner thighs
- She also has some exercises for me that should help relax my pelvic floor.

I have used Verapamil in the past for other scar tissue issues in my penis and it has worked for me. I was just put back on it because my urologist found some more scar tissue. It seems to work pretty well, although it takes a long time before it works. The doctor said 4-6 months before I will start to see a difference.

To answer your question, I have lost most of my gains since the injury. I started around 6.75 NBPEL and I got as big as 7.5 NBPEL with an increase of about .5 in girth this was over the course of a year. Since the injury my erections get to 6.75-7 NBPEL on a good day. I am hoping that this verapamil cream will help free up that scar tissue and give me some size back.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing! Maybe you didn’t lose size but instead your gains were somewhat temporary. It seems to be a common experience. Did the transformation happen right as you were relaxing yourself mentally? Was it more a coincidence or a connection? I might have a suggestion for you instead of regular yoga.

hyperlite10 You have said that you have used Verapamil in the past for other scar tissue issues, can you tell me if this was before or after you first experienced a firm flaccid penis?

hyperlite10 can you tell us where to buy this cream ? On some local pharmacy or mayby on the net ?


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