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Firm flaccid penis

Originally Posted by boner7484
Wow whoever it was that brought the stretching up, I would like to thank them profusely.

I think it was one of the posters mentioning stretches to stretch the piriformis and the iliopsoas.
The best source I know for this information is Kit Laughlin in his book “Overcome neck & back pain”. You have to be really careful with the iliopsoas stretch, it works wonders, but I find it sets of my varicocele if I don’t warm up first, and get into it real slow. However, this stretch can be pure magic IF YOU NEED IT.

The idea behind doing these stretches is that in certain types of male body, tightness in these muscle can effect blood-flow to the genitals.

Good luck all you guys with this condition. Keep writing. Keep the success stories coming. :)

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I agree that it’s not scar tissue causing the problem. I believe I injured myself stretching but like I said before I had a firm flaccid before PE that would fluctuate in severity. Although you would be more susceptable to getting scar tissue with a firm flaccid it isnt the initial cause

Your body needs magnesium for your muscles to properly relax and function. A deficiency will cause your muscles to contract and my original theory was that this could be causing the firm flaccid by affecting the smooth muscle in your penis and even your abdominal/groin muscles could be affected too, restricting blood flow. If you sit down too much you are encouraging these muscles to contract.

Magnesium is a vasodilator, vasoconstrictors need to be avoided completely. Nicotine and Caffeine are major ones, but even the artificial sweetner aspartame is a potent vasoconstrictor so if you drink diet coke then that could be your problem right there! Also the high phosphate levels of soda can deplete your magnesium too making the problem worse. Alcohol will also deplete your magnesium levels. So there is some lifestyle changes you can make to address the problem.

Has anyone experienced this with prostatitis?

I’ve been dealing with prostatitis like symptoms for the past 8-9 months (weak erections, no libido, weak ejaculation, weak stream) and now this. I think it’s all connected for me anyway.. It could also be that, because I was having so fewer erections the I used to that the health of the tissues/muscles of the penis declined and allowed straining/injury to occur more easily.

I’ve also experimented a firm flaccid penis.

Originally Posted by moxsum
Has anyone experienced this with prostatitis?

I’ve been dealing with prostatitis like symptoms for the past 8-9 months (weak erections, no libido, weak ejaculation, weak stream) and now this. I think it’s all connected for me anyway.. It could also be that, because I was having so fewer erections the I used to that the health of the tissues/muscles of the penis declined and allowed straining/injury to occur more easily.

I believe this may be my problem? Prostatitis is caused by stress or over using your pelvic floor muscles. I was doing a lot of jelqs with my kegels clinched until one day over night I lost all feeling and my penis shrunk right up with no blood flow. I think I might have just stressed these muscles out to the point where they “shut down” and went into protection mode. I find that stretching and deep muscle tissue helps my situation a lot. I am going to give this routine of physio, muscles therapy and stretching another go. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Can you tell me in detail the symptoms you are having so I can compare your situation to mine?


Hey.. Ok well, the prostatitis started 7-8 months ago, during a period of intense stress and intense exercise + lots of sexual activity. Since then I’ve experienced a variety of symptoms, at first it started with weak erections and occasionally some cloudiness at the end of my stream. Then it progressed to frequent urination, weak ejaculation, and feeling like I needed to pee even though I just did. Over the months, the peeing symptoms of frequency/urgency disappeared, but my symptoms now are weaker stream then it used to be, some mild post void dribble, weak erections, no libido.. And then the past few months some weird things have been happening with my dick. I seemed to start having this thing where when I would get aroused the middle of the penis wouldn’t inflate but the head would get really full and the base, then after a minute the middle would fill out too into a normal erection.. Things were good for a while, then I used a metal cock ring and also had more stress and now my dick has gone weird again.. Developed this hard flaccid problem and now the head doesn’t fill up a lot quickly like it was before.. So things have taken a back step in the sexual department lately.

I was doing ok .. Then I had sex twice within 3 days (not a lot but for some reason this prostatitis thing makes it harder to sex a lot).. And after the second day I noticed the cavernosum’s seemed a bit swollen or larger or something, then the following day had a really bad hard flaccid, it was like 2 inches and really stiff on the sides mostly.. Freaked me out, so I layed off sex/masturbation for 2 weeks, things improved a bit.. Just the past few days had sex twice.. Things haven’t gotten worse but not much better.

Right now it fluctuates through out the day from feeling a little stiff, to hanging kind large and plump and feeling soft / mushy. So far it hasn’t gone back to how bad it was the first few days, but it’s not 100^ yet.. Still feels firmer then normal when flaccid.. And occasionally it feels noticeably stiff..

I’ve also felt some like penis contractions is what it feels like.. Sometimes when I have to pee, it’s like my penis tugs backwards for a second.. Weird.. Definitely muscular/nerve related.

So far I’ve been rubbing magnesium oil and ashwaganda/bala oil on the penis everyday.. Well see.. Seems like it may be having some effect, hard to tell so far though.

It’s depressing though.. I’ve already been dealing with messed up sexual functioning for the past 8 months from this prostatitis (whatever it is) . . So now to be experiencing this hard flaccid thing (first time) it sucks.. I just wanna have a normal sex life again. I used to have beautiful rock hard erections all day long with no problems.. Dunno whats happened to me!

Hard Flaccid, Lose Erection as soon as constant hard stimulation stops, rare morning wood ( when I get it it’s a semi ), slight bend in penis.

Does anyone else have these symptoms ?

Has anyone seen Owen? I haven’t seen him around in a while.

Sadly, my firmness is back. I have been doing my stretches irregularly, but enough to when it shouldn’t have come back. I will continue to do them though.

I’m not really sure what set it off.

I am really quite lost at this point. Has anyone else tryed the magnesium?

Thankfully however I still wake up with morning wood that is good, and can keep an erection better.

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Is there any connection between testosterone? Or adrenaline levels in the blood/penis? Or viagra, anyone taken viagra around the time this developed? .. I’m trying to figure it out.. Awaiting my hormone results.

Owen is here but does not post now actually.

I started with magnesium yesterday and will see whether it will help me.But after many not working treatments I still think that only some surgery would fix my problem.

We talk about it with Owen on PM but we know in my opinion too few guys after it receive advices.The only positive example I know is Hardwood and users from this board - yataghan50/QsQ

Last two guys are after not so much invasive procedure as embolization and we consider this option first.If any of you have some knowledge regard topic or mayby heard/are familiar with other guys after this kind of surgery, I kindly please share more information with us.

I think hormone tests would be key as well as checking prostate.

Sometimes when I see my post there is no logic there, so sorry guys I meant that we know not too many examples of people who fixed their units due surgery.Who would want something sharp close to his unit though…

But what when it is some easy non invasive procedure EQ these guys improved tremendously, and sometimes is even better than before PE injury, that is interesting as some solution when nothing else work for you in my opinion.

I’m here guys. :)

MY firm flaccid started after I had sex with girlfriend after I had worked out really intensely and was also dehyrdrated and stressed out..

Could it be that, because my body was under stress from the physical exercise/dehydration/anxiety that it somehow caused this hard flaccid?

Will it go away? It’s been almost 3 weeks now.. Freakin me out. Do you think it’s a collagen scar over the penis? My penis was a bit inflamed right before this developed.. Has anyone had this exact problem and then had it go away?


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