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Firm flaccid penis

Thanks marinera I unfortunatelly send mistaken link and hit the gym.It is exactly what we were discussed before and next exmaple that this guy considered as quack-genius helped someone when all others wrung their hands.

Yeah I’m too wondering why sometimes it’s fine, and sometimes it’s not.


It’s sad to see pump hasnt had any lasting effects :(

Hey iron, there was a thread and some said it was a septum, and some a dorsal vein. Probably should have looked it up more. I can’t feel mine, and I was hoping it wasn’t broke and what we all shared in common. Since 2/4 of us have it that has nothing to do with our condition.

Three of us have testicluar shrinkage, and two have known varicocele, with me possibly having a varicocele.

Last of all, none of us have had our prostates checked out. Although from reading symptoms, I display none of the signs of prostate problems except for ED.

Both a varicocele and prostate problems can cause ED problems.

Probably not a bad thing to have checked out by a doctor. I used to feel some pain in one of my testicles over the winter too. It was kinda bad for a week but has went away.

Walgart, I understand that there seems to be changes inside our unites. As for nerve damage, some if not all of us have had a half a year or more for nerves to heal. If they haven’t healed by now it’s probably permanent, correct? I am not numb, but I do have a decrease in sensitivity especially in the glans. I feel this is due to the poor circulation.

I am just trying to think outside the box a little bit :) .

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Mine cannot be nerve damage, my penis is very sensitive most the time

I’ve thought of having nerve damage. I have a terribly difficult time getting erect on touch alone and horniness works much better for me. So that could be an explanation. I’ve read that nerves grow about 1mm a year, and that they reconnect suddenly.
Although this lower erectability of mine might be explained by a huge SDV which gets clamped on once the erection starts going. The huge SDV would also explain my dry skin, as it is primarily responsible for draining the skin.

Guys, I seem to have no more firmness. So my current thinking is that the cause of firmness was some benign stress to the penis or prostate. Erections are not back to 100% though, so now I’m positive I have a leak. No problem, better that than an undiagnosed condition.

Here is a description prostate issues for you guys. Seems to fit the fact that the FF is strongy influenced by sitting and orgasming frequency.

the most common cause of these complaints is an inflammation of the prostate gland, so called prostatitis. Symptoms that might occur with prostatitis include frequency of urination, slowing of the urinary stream, burning with voiding or ejaculation, burning in the penile tip unrelated to voiding, sexual dysfunction (such as difficulty with erection), aching in the penis, testicles, and discomfort in the lower abdomen, low back, groin, rectum or perineum (the area between the scrotum and rectum – between the “wind and the rain”). The passage of blood at the initiation or termination of urination or in the semen can also be noted. During sexual arousal the prostate gland manufactures fluid that accounts for about 2/3 of the volume of ejaculate. The seminal vesicles are paired structures located behind the prostate gland that also manufacture fluid. Sperm from the testicles (which account for only 1-2% of the semen) travel up a series of tubes (epididymis and vas deferens) on each side to join the seminal vesicles forming the paired ejaculatory ducts. These structures empty into the prostatic portion of the urethra. At the time of ejaculation, fluid is discharged into the urethra (urinary canal) from the prostate gland and ejaculatory ducts forming the semen. The semen volume is in the 2-6 cc range. It is not uncommon for inflammation and/or infection to spread in a retrograde manner into the vas and epididymis. Even without such spread, prostatic discomfort is often referred into the testicle. Too frequent or too infrequent ejaculation, sexual arousal without ejaculation, withdraw at the time of ejaculation, aggressive bike or horse back riding, and excessive spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine in the diet can predispose you to this. Sitting for long periods of time, especially in an automotive vehicle, can put undo pressure on the prostate and aggravate the condition. For the latter, it is best not to sit more than 2-3 hours at a time. Stop the vehicle periodically, take a short walk and go to the bathroom to urinate. A thick pad or piece of sponge rubber on your seat will also help to cushion the prostate. One should avoid any of the above that apply. Eliminating all of these factors that apply to you are just as important, if not more so, than taking medication! Ejaculation beyond the tolerance of the prostate to fill and empty may also cause discomfort. Likewise if one does so infrequently, fluid still builds up from thoughts, dreams, fantasies, etc. and has to be released periodically to decompress the gland and relieve the symptoms. For most men, ejaculation in moderation, perhaps 1-2 times a week, is reasonable. A daily warm bath for 10-15 minutes 1-2 times daily also lessens the discomfort. Attention to sexual activity and warm bathes should be utilized regardless of the type of prostatitis and whether or not medications are prescribed.
There are several types of prostatitis. Sometimes prostatitis can be due to an infection of the gland with bacteria. This usually requires an initial 4 week course of an appropriate antibiotic (the commonest prescribed are the fluoroquinolones, but tetracyclines, sulfas and other agents can also work). Typically, pus cells and bacteria are found in the prostatic fluid.
Abacterial prostatitis has several varieties. In one, the prostatic fluid demonstrates pus cells but no bacteria. In the other, called prostadynia, there are neither pus cells nor bacteria in the fluid, just the symptoms. In all types of prostatitis, the urinalysis generally is normal unless the infection spreads into the bladder. Abacterial prostatitis usually responds to the general measures mentioned above. Medications that sometimes help include the over-the-counter natural supplement saw palmetto 320 mgm daily and alpha-blockers (such as Flomax, Hytrin, Cardura & Uroxatral). The latter require a prescription from you physician if he thinks it is indicated. Prostatitis may also be classified as acute (severe), subacute (mild), or asymptomatic. It may also occur as a single episode, be recurrent or chronic.

Originally Posted by Owen33

Guys, I seem to have no more firmness. So my current thinking is that the cause of firmness was some benign stress to the penis or prostate. Erections are not back to 100% though, so now I’m positive I have a leak. No problem, better that than an undiagnosed condition.

Good to hear Owen, but I am not sure what you mean. The firmness was some benign stress?

What is your EQ? I found that if pumping did anything, it sent my EQ up amazingly. For some people without a major leak it can be overcome, so hopefully you don’t have a major leak.

Interesting reading on the prostate, I will do more myself. It seems odd this would be primarily affecting young men such as ourselves. Hopefully if this is the case it is not a life long problem.

We cannot forget the varicocele either guys, since the majority of us have one(I think i do).

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

I don’t know about prostate condition, I don’t pass any blood or have ANY pain in my lower region. However I did go through a phase of masturbating for long periods then stopping, and this could have caused something.
And I also went through a phase of getting an acidic smell after I’d urinate ?! But this has stopped
I also sit on computer for long periods in the day.



I’ve come to the conclusion this is definitely an injury done by over-training (or furious/damaging masturbation). Also, have any of you guys noticed that the corpus cavernosas fill fine, but the corpus spongiosum drains easily? I think my corpus cavernosas fill fine but the spongiosum is never filled during an erection. Anyone else notice this? This would explain why the glans don’t fill properly.

CS will not inflate properly because of damaged nerves and changes venous in shaft structure.That`s Lin conception and he offer his product with after long healing process should do something positive with this.

I just made an order on $300 and when it arive will try his treatment,of course report it immediately.

Yes, BMashina, Walgart and I have that problem, and I believe venom too.

Back in the thread everyone has that problem. That IS the problem, as one could live with only a different flaccid.

To avoid confusion, I’ll say that the head and CS are of different kind of tissue and should not be as rigid as CCs, but should inflate.

Mine don’t unless I exert pressure on the penis. Which would indicate a leak.

On the other hand it is weird that 229233 had the same problem and healed through stretching. Leaks don’t heal through stretching.

An interesting quote from a Peyronies forum in support of kenqi’s theory.

The main limitation of his very large and good site is that there seems to be a lack of understanding of the risks entailed for some to develop Peyronie’s. Rather, I think the general consensus there is that people develop Peyronie’s only if they do something in PE “wrong”. In fact, more than one guy here tried some technique “right” and still ended up injuring their penis. As we have agreed here before, it is not the injury per se, it is the biological substrate upon which the injury happens that leads to Peyronies developing (ie our innate tendency to do this).

Looks llike we have hit a brick wall, once again

The only fix I can see that works is Cialis, and this only works temporarily.

venom don`t gave up there is plenty of guys who are cured and I even found one guy who returned to safe PE, and now when I just logged and read this thread

Having a blast with these women thanks to PE

I really regret that I fucked up my unit but will fight to win as much as possible.

Hey Owen33, is your firm flaccid still staved off? And if yes, can you suggests anything you might have noticed that made it better?

Had some firmness today. But it is obviously disappearing. My guess is just time and non-abuse. If you’d like to know what I tried doing, feel free to PM me.

Guys I’ll have a REAL treat for you very soon. Stay tuned.


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