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Firm flaccid penis

Originally Posted by BMashina
One thing that is concerning me is the appearance of small veins in the skin. You cannot feel them, or move them around, but there are definetly more.

Maybe this is a good thing ? It could be that the blood is finally flowing through these veins now !

Doubt it. Veins usually come with bad things here :( Venom, check my question few posts back.

Guys, there is a small chance that I am healed from the FF, or very close to it. I feel no firmness for a while now and today I had the best EQ in months — standing, rock hard CC and some CS/glans expansion (unprecedented before). This however would have to be tested by a masturbation spree — something I don’t feel like doing at all.

Originally Posted by avocet8

Erections do not occur because of little gates suddenly closing. Rather they occur from the accumulation of increased arterial blood flow which expands the CCs causing erectile tissue to _compress_ the interior veins such that less blood is flowing out than is flowing in. This process, during an erection, is never complete except in the case of a priapism. There continues to be some venous blood draining out so that newly oxygenated arterial blood can continue to flow in during the time the erection is maintained, even one that goes on for an hour or two, if one is so lucky. :)

When you are completely flaccid, even with a “firm flaccid” - which seems here to be described as being as turtled as you can get, there is continuous arterial flow in and continuous venous flow out, otherwise our cocks would become necrotic, turn black, and fall off.

So, could the venous flow out be ok but not enough arterial flow in ? I think that the majority is concentrating just on the venous part when maybe the venous part is ok but the arterial flow in is not.

Just a supposition.

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Yeah, I don’t find the veins to be a good sign for sure. My firmness is coming back…I don’t understand how everything could have been normal for 5 days, and now it’s somewhat firm again.

I will still continue though, but at a slower pace with the pump.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

I will say the pump has really improved EQ, although the glans still drain if my dick is pointing straight up.


8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Good to hear Bmashina. Was hoping from an update from you soon, am going to try and pump soon too.

Originally Posted by kenqi1
Good to hear Bmashina. Was hoping from an update from you soon, am going to try and pump soon too.

Good luck! Just try not to masturbate during or after a pumping session. Pumping made it quite hard for me not too, and I think that is what has brought some firmness back.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

I just did an hour of reading, and I really do not think this is peyronies. I looked at many pictures and read a decent amount. Do any of us have significant curvature or extreme hourglass shape?

Also, most of the pictures showed full glans.

I also do not understand how sometimes we get better and become almost normal in the flaccid state. If something were scarred, that wouldn’t happen would it? How could the tissue relax and seem normal while at other times be completley terrible.

So many of us are healthy and young. From all I have taken and done to enhance healing over the past half year, nothing has fixed me. I am seriously thinking our problem is elsewhere…as already mentioned by others. I am trying to do reading on things that cause ED. Perhapes we have a medical condition that we just do not know about.

Everyone please answer these questions for me:

1. Does anyone feel the dorsal vein that runs through the length of the penis shaft up to the base of the glans? It is often described as a chord. I cannot feel this….like it doesn’t exist in my penis.

2. Does anyone ever feel soreness in their CC’s? Like if you squeez them when erect or flick your penis when it is semi-erect, do you feel soreness?

3. Also, Does anyone else experience testicular shrinkage even when it seems like you shouldn’t be? For instance, even though it is warm down there and you are relaxed, your testicles are shrunken up.

4. Has anyone had their blood pressure checked? On a machine, it always reports that I have high blood pressure, even though doctors have said it is ok.

5. You you think you may have a varicocele?

6. Finally has anyone had their prostate checked out?

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

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Good points dude. I think prostate could come into play here too. This is purely speculation and will not go very far until medical tests are done.

Yeah, we really need more medical tests and less theorizing.

To answer:
1. I have this vein and it is VERY visible and ugly.
2. I am not sure what soreness you speak of. If I press hard enough on the flaccid or semi-erect I can feel 2 “cords” of soreness, but I assume that is normal. Maybe just nerves.
3. no testicular shrinkage fo me.
4. no.
5. I know I have varicocele.
6. no.

1. I think I do feel it, not too sure what I’m looking for though.
2. No soreness here, though my erection is very stiff.
3. Yes, I get this all the time.
4. I have normal bp.
5. Yes I have varicocele.
6. Nope

On another note, my penis hangs better when I need to pee, and shrinks after I pee. Anyone else get this?

The thing you guys feel for #1 is NOT A VEIN. That is the septum. Geez guys that is hot panic starts, lets really make sure we know what we are referring to before we post.

1. Yes, but it is my septum, and my limiting factor to gains.
3. Yes
4. Sometimes above normal, sometimes right below.
6.No but I need to.

BMashina good questions but Im after consultation with 2 urologist,net researches and conversation with many guys convinced that the most important factor here is the change in structure of our units, I mean shaft`s nerve damage + change in vascular inside which need to be heal somehow.

Actually I was still looking for positive and promising solutions and before some surgery I thought again about and dr.Lin - I found in old thread which allegedly expose this guy, again positive input of one user - hip4u2002 at the end of the thread Patience…

So Im going to make an order soon.

I don`t know what happened with this link, here is the relevant one - Patience…

Originally Posted by Walgart

I don`t know what happened with this link, here is the relevant one - Patience…

This maybe?

Exposing Dr. Lin


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