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Firm flaccid penis

And for the ones that have done research, is peyronies as disease that we can fix through months of treatment and will never return as long as we don’t abuse ourselves?

Or is this a condition that we will live with for a life time?

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

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Good question BMashina.
Regard pumping I can advice you all guys bathmate(this hydro pump is really incredible) I was user of normal air pump - Magnum.But after some research on that pump - bathmate Im really into it and many users as well(it give really great expansion.This pump gives constant heat cause water in the tube should be warm and that decrease potential small injury like blisters.

Im curious whether there was obvious change in structure of your veins in your shaft guys.In mine surely (and that`s the bad veins which are responsible for blood outflow during erection instead inflow rather).
Here is one of my old finding regard healing it :


The general reason for varicose veins to appear on your penis is your own lack of elasticity hormone Prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1) or B-12, B-6 and folic acid. The Prostaglandin E-1 is responsible for the tissue and nerve elasticity and relaxation. Over-masturbation or penile enlargement exercises usually depletes the PGE-1. The B-12, B-6 are usually depleted by the use of medications or street drug abuses (including smoking and alcohol).

If one of these are depleted the result is:

* Lack of integrity of the vein walls and valves
* Hard the blood vessel walls
* Plaque deposition in the veins and valves

Not only that, but a new synthesis of a PGE-1 is blocked.
The hardness and damage of the penile vein and valve, the plague and the LACK of PGE-1 in the vein wall and vale will prevent the penile vein and valve from being pinched and sealed during erection. Excessive stress neurohomones in the bloodstream can block the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis in the tissue and blood vessels, which will lead to a degeneration of the blood vessels and valves. The blood vessels and valves will experience plastic deformation and expansion or will brake. Then, you will experience penile VARICOSE VEINS AND SPIDER VEINS in the flaccid state too.
The rejuvenation of the blood vessels is a process. You will need need androgen hormones, B-complex (paticularily, folic acid, “

Google, guys. :) Peyronie’s has no real cure, only alleviation. Sometimes it disappears on it’s own. Lin and cure-erectile-dysfunction claim to heal them… in that case I’m surprised why aren’t they running for Nobel. :( This last description that Walgart put forth is from the second source.

Walgart, yes I believe almost everyone with these problems experiences strong veinage on the penis, especially the left side. Me too.

Eh, most people say Peyroine’s has no real cure, but what I think they mean is that there is no short term cure. I feel like consistent treatment of the penis with care and delicacy would improve your penis, such as pumping lightly and not PEing until completely better.

And for the hope, the past few days I have been thinking about the state of my penis. And even though it is not what it used to be, it has improved a lot since last year.

Venomx, can I ask if you are working out? If not, I think it would be great for your perspective, make you feel more confident, and help your testosterone. I realized one of the factors I changed from normal to my firm flaccid last year was a sudden lack of hitting the gym. Just started doing it again, and it feels great.

As ridiculous as this sounds, my flaccid hangs WAY lower and fuller when I do not shave it whatsoever. Call me nuts, but the second after I am done, it rises up, and stays that way for 2 weeks until it returns to normal. I know how crazy it sounds but that is just my situation, I went back to normal today. Lin’s “PENISOS” also seems to be helping. I recommend it. Improved my mood also.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
I have a lot of stake in this with you guys as I am suffering too but sounds like not as bad. I do however miss having the huge flaccid I know my body really produces when I am not dealing with this.

Just wanted to say that I strongly suspect that many other PEers have this, but overlook it. I don’t think we necessarily did something wrong or different. I think many others just think it is normal, as I did before I read this thread.

Totally right, I remember overlooking it, but I had a hunch it wasn’t right. I have been back to normal flaccid wise the past 2 days, hanging low again.

For obvious reason we have to increase blood flow to our units as much as possible to heal it.

Someone tried mayby electrostimulation on the penis ? (it is special device to induce erection by light ans safety voltage) and as far as I know few PEers after injurt beside viagra daily treatment use this device to additionally induce erection.

If anyone knows where to purchase this kind of device it would be great cause it might help as a lot and really shorten healing process.

Originally Posted by kenqi1
Venomx, can I ask if you are working out? If not, I think it would be great for your perspective, make you feel more confident, and help your testosterone. I realized one of the factors I changed from normal to my firm flaccid last year was a sudden lack of hitting the gym. Just started doing it again, and it feels great.

I’m just turned 18 and I’m big for my age, I am strict in the gym, I lift like a bodybuilder and have a toned body with plenty of muscle mass. I have good confidence with my body and strength, but penis = depressed.
I’m waiting for results for penis pump after bmaschina stops using it for a few days

Just masturbated and whilst my erection was strong at the beginning, i nearly finished quickly - so i stopped stim, my erection died into a semi, i carried on stim again and it went back hard until climax. So i can successfully masturbate but only just, and it requires constant stimulation. This isnt possible during sex because there isnt always constant stumulation!

:\ arrgh we need some fix by now !

Guys, there was an old PM of mine that contained a theory. I’ve kind of abandoned it, but I will post it for archiving purposes. You should read it nevertheless, maybe you read something that might prove useful later.

I was going to post it on the forum but then BMashina posted that link where the guy explains the injury as a possible tear in our groin (not the penis itself). The jist of HIS theory was: some structure in the groin tore, thus casing all the tissues, arteries, veins etc. to be in an akward position or under unnatural strain. From there stem the symptoms: altered flaccid, weak erections, sitting for erections, etc. The groin tear naturally causes blocked blood-flow, increased veinage, and varicocele (these things happen exactly because of blocked veins). Hence the weird penis reaction and why urologists’ tests show nothing wrong in the penis itself.

My speculation was simliar but not exactly the same: what if the “firm flaccid” comes from some sort of pelvic injury, that resembles a spasm or inflammation? Like kegels combined with outward pulling producing both contraction and stretching of the muscle —- a highly risky state for any muscle, of course.

That could explain a lot of things. To name a few:

- The firm flaccid itself (the muscles press on some of the arteries and veins, cutting off normal circulation)
- Weaker erections (the same explanation)
- Why it is worse after orgasm (swollen pelvic muscles press even harder)
- Why it is worse standing and relaxes crouching or when urinating
- Why some guys report continuous involuntary kegels and PC “spasms” and “flutterings” (at first I thought “that doesn’t apply to me” but later I saw that it could be the same “twitching” that I have felt from time to time somewhere in the PC area . Have you guys felt that?)

- Why some get it from jelqs, some from hanging, some from other stuff, etc.
(especially guys with other underlying conditions would have to enhance their erections with kegels and thus be more prone to this injury)
- Why it’s basically unknown outside PE
- Why urologist don’t see anything wrong with the penis itself

- 229’s healing by stretching (who knows what was he really stretching?)
- Crono’s healing over time

229 (the guy from Finland a few pages back in the thread) healed. He attributed his FF to sports injury and his healing to stretching his hip-flexors. I have gone through his posts and I think he was mistaken. His onset of ED was sudden after an equally sudden re-start of a PE-regime —- so a “coincidence” to say the least. Besides, PE is what we have in common, not sports and sports injuries.

You may remember that there was even a guy in the thread (Hyperlite) who got it diagnosed exactly like this by a pelvic floor specialist. Unfortunatelly I got the impression that his state did not improve through pelvic floor exercises and relaxations. I hope I am wrong.

So, maybe try massaging the whole area “down-there”, feeling if there is any tension and stretching. Do it daily. Be extra careful, there may be sensitive stuctures there.

This is from some link…….

“I’ve been theorizing about what causes erectile dysfunction for guys like myself and around 20 other guys I’ve dug up on this forum,, and thunders. I think when we stretch or force enough blood into the penis to cause damage, the tissue isn’t replaced with the same tissue that was there before it was damaged. Instead, its replaced with scar tissue, which doesn’t have the same function of the tissue thats replaced. If smooth muscle is damaged, it won’t relax fully to allow blood to fully enter the tiny, balloon-like spaces (sinusoidal spaces). If the balloon-like spaces themselves are damaged, they won’t fill with enough blood to push against the tunica algubinea, which occludes (contsricts) the veins, resulting in less than optimally firm erections. If arteries are damaged, not enough blood will be able to enter the balloon-like spaces, and cause venous occlusion.

The central point I’m getting at is that if any of the tissues are damaged and their function isn’t restored by healing (scar tissue), you dont have venous occlusion, and you don’t have a rigid erection.”

Another thing guys. How does your penis FEEL compared to normal? Not just the firm flaccid, but everything? Really feel it and remember how it was before. I’m not talking about palpating the area, but feeling it directly from inside. What has changed? I think maybe that could give us some good direction… What to do to get it feeling normal again.

My penis sometimes feels kind of “disconnected” from my body, like it doesn’t communicate like before, no sensations to make me erect nor normal blood-flow to it. It feels like it is hollow where some sort of alive connection should be. This connection and erectability seem to return only after ejaculation, and stay there for a day or two.

Just masturbated again, and the erection was much harder and stayed easier than it did earlier.

So maybe the theory that getting the blood flowing as much as possible in the penis, is required for better erections, and eventually healing of the scar tissue ?! ( this backs up bmaschina and his vacuum theory )

Still doing good hear. I’m getting angry with myself though because I always end up masturbating. Five days in a row of masturbating and pumping.

I think we can all admit that if we masturbated five days in a row, our FF would be terrible. Mine however is not. I feel only a little firmness after I masturbated today, and I know why. Because I masturbated five days in a row. Other than that, I woke up with a lasting hard morning wood. Not a perfect one, but a great sign.

Flaccid was great all day, until I masturbated again. I must snap out of it…I think I would heal so much better.

Another problem, I had to trim some of the rubber around when your penis goes in the pump when I first got it because it was too small. Now the rubber has seen some use and relaxed, thus making the hole bigger and sucking my sac in, which really does not allow me to get a good pump.

Dunno, hopefully I can fix it…don’t want to buy another.

Still though, I feel pretty good.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP


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