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Firm flaccid penis

Right. Don’t take anything. Good food, plenty of water, sleep and relax your mind.

After reading this -…irm-flaccid.htm

I think that I might suffer from prostatitis but I don`t know whether excessive amount of AAKG may cause it (and I think so because l-arginine increase load dramatically), may by other supplements I used but would like to hear it from some expert rather.

Originally Posted by marinera
Right. Don’t take anything. Good food, plenty of water, sleep and relax your mind.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past year.

Originally Posted by Walgart
After reading this -…irm-flaccid.htm
I think that I might suffer from prostatitis

Hmm all the symptoms in that are the same as mine, but I think the guy replying is just giving a textbook answer of what he thinks it is.

I still think it is inflammation of the penis, but I suppose you could try prostatitis treatment - as sometimes I get precum which makes me question if it could actually be prostatitis.

what brand l-arginine do you use? Also how many mg?

I had this happen to me when I first started PE,the cold hard retracted Flaccid “erection”
And It seems I did what others did,the heater helps but I also drank lots of water,I also took aspirin every four hours.It took like a week to heal,or two

Anyhow I think the problem is that we become conditioned to PEing to some degree so instead of resting and healing people stretch etc I think it would be better to put all energy into Kegeling as a means of directing that energy..

Anyhow I got something like a thrombosed vein now that I got back into PE and was getting real good results just doing dry jelqing,and light clamping.I don’t know I think it may have been to hard of squeezing or even when I brought it wet jelqing the Beginner routine may have been to advanced or even I was just doing it to hard but now I have some hard speck on the left side of my shaft that when erect turns into a hard ridge.

As for PE injury,unless your doing that crazy routines I think you will heal from anything

Chronic use of L-arginine may cause minor symptoms of panic attacks. I found it the hard way. ^^ So beware.

Chrono, have you ever used any sort of major medicines? Tell me the meds/supplements you have used. I don’t think L-ARG causes panic attacks. Maybe other supplements you used in conjunction has lead you to believe that it was the L-ARG. I remember you saying you had some EQ/ED/venous issues previously; maybe these are all related.

Things have gotten better overtime for me but does anyone think after a while it will just heal and be normal again ?

Broken shaft what happened?

I find there is a aching pain on the left side of the base of my shaft and it’s bumpy there,I think from clamping and dry jelqing,but I can still get a erection,

This isn’t scar tissue right?

I have no idea what it could be I have like a gash or a dent on the right side by the base which causes discomfort when erect but it’s weird because right now I’m 100% for some reason .no hard flaccid pretty much 100% erections because yesterday I got an ultrasound and they inject me with some stuff to give it mo blood flow so they can locate if there’s a circulation problem and since then it went back to old days but I’m not to happy yet because it’s been only one day and I’m scared it could just go back to the hard flaccid\60% erect any second I’m trying not to think about it right now .. I don’t know lets see what happens

And I’ve been reading that it’s not good to masturbate and stuff but since the injuries.. I had two injuries.. Bending semi erect\swelling testicles after my penis bend into my body because I hit my girlfriends butt cheek instead of the hole .I immediately dropped to the floor almost crying.. And since both times I’ve had hard-flaccid weak erections but I’ve been rough ejaculating at least 3 times a week every week with this problem and still having rough sex .I’ve been tough on him this whole time and I see things out of the blue getting better for me and I don’t know why.every ones body and situation is different .I just wish I knew what was going on and I pray it stays the way it is now

Yeah I have gone threw some things like this.

My left side of my base there is like a gash,and I hang to the left, I find the left side is less smooth,maybe this is when I’m dry jelqing or clamping I use my right hand and there is more pressure there? My head aches from doing about 100 fast dry jelqs yesterday but this is a rest day,I’ve had no problem becoming aroused though.

The first time I over trained I had cold flaccid retracted penis for a few days,I sat in front of a electric heater,took 2 aspirin every 4 hours and drank tonz of water to constantly urinate hoping to relax it.after a few days it relaxed and I got out of PE for a few weeks.

I injured myself about 4 or five days ago again I guess trying to clamp to hold blood in or something,either way It went cold and flaccid and I mainly took aspirin and drank water to fix it.and I pulled out the turltling penis.I don’t know what causes it,the penis muscle is traumatized and contracts and in my cause I sensed a mental disconnected from my penis,impotency etc.

It’s just really hard to know how much force I am supposed to use because without using very firm pressure I don’t sense any effect, it remains very soft and fluffy especially when recovering from the “cold flaccid” turtled penis state.


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