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Firm flaccid penis

I found an article about kegel.
It mentioned about involuntary PC muscle contraction due weak/injured muscle.

I’ll try the kegel for now. See what happen. I dare not to continue the dipping in cold water exercise.

chrono_ have you been taking the aspirin with no masturbation/pe?

I went to the Doctors but didn’t show her my penis, here’s why:

James1984 - Penis Shrunk In Size, Erections Problem

I will show my new Doctor once the rest of my health is sorted, until then I’m going to quit masturbation and starting taking 400mg of ibuprofen three times a day.

Has anyone else noticed trouble with getting an erection when laying down on your back?

James1984 - I see you’re having a lot of other health issues and surely the penile problems are somehow related. I got my penile injury at a time where I was all day depressed(for years - because I studied in Greece) and was literally feeling sick to my guts with this country all the time. So the overall health is very important for the body’s ability to recover. Now there is an improvement after stopping vigorous sexual activity for 4 months(masturbation)- though I masturbated 2 times. The last month I started taking Lioton - it is a product that you use topically on the spot and is designed to help against varicose veins .. I’m not sure if it helped but I use it anyway. I do not take aspirin or ibuprofen for now.

Now about the erection quality. It is best when I’m sitting on a chair or on a sofa , it is worst when I’m standing and it is pretty shitty when I’m lying down on my back.

I agree but I had my health problems for 5months before my penis problems started (I did lack a little erection quality in this time), I then damaged my penis from masturbating, I think my health is definitely slowing down the healing process though and it doesn’t help that I have been masturbating.

Mine is the same, when I stand up my erection dies quicker than if I’m sitting down, when laying down its impossible for me to get a solid erection, where as before I used to masturbate in bed and would stay hard all the time.

How much of an improvement would you say you saw?

I’m hoping I can start tomorrow if not it will be on Sunday as I need to get some ibuprofen.

If my old dick was 100% healthy after the injury it became like 30%. Now I think it is 60% .. It is more spongy the erections are firmer. Occasionally it gets flaccid-firm again(25 to 45% of the time) but more often it is soft(even when I’m standing). It’s still difficult to get erections when standing but I had some spontaneous erections today when I was sitting .. so it is better.

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So a big improvement :) .

I will update on my healing process and what my Doctor says when I hopefully get my other issue’s sorted out.

Yes mate - keep us in touch definitely!

Hi guys.

Just a question regarding the firm flaccid. Has anyone who is experiencing/ experienced this been for an MRI?

Just so you guys know, I had this until I went on wellbutrin and combined it with amino acids like 5-htp and mucuna puriens (sp?) I hang pretty limp and loose like a fluffed flaccid pretty much all day, even more so at my stressful job.

I was ALWAYS retracted and it made me look really small.

chrono_ have you had any more luck?

I’m taking L-arginine 3x1000 per day for 2 weeks now. There are numerous experiments with this amino-acid .. It is proven to be effective against fibrous tissue in the penis. It does the trick. For these 2 weeks it made me hornier and with this horny feeling started to come and sensation of well-being in the penis. Now my penis is actually hurting me from the inside(the pain is a good itchy pain - when you have a wound that is fixing itself - I think it started to take care of the damage in a more rapid pattern).

Try it out guys.

That’s really interesting, when ever I had seen l-arginine mentioned it was always in relation to creating a larger amount of sperm, I wasn’t aware how much good it can do for you.

Have you spoke to or seen posts from anyone that has cured the same problem from taking l-arginine?

I’m wondering if you would have to continue to take it for life or can come off after a few months.

Thanks for letting me know, I think I’ll try this as long as my Doctor gives me the go ahead (have other health problems and wouldn’t want them to conflict).

Nope. I haven’t spoken to anyone that takes it. But in some researches about Peyronie’s disease is said to have helped reduce the fibrous tissue inside the penis up to 90%(which is something). It is proven that it boost the immune system as well(which is responsible for the most of the repair mech.)

I guess that we will have to take it for a couple of months. Once we are fully repaired we won’t need it anymore.
It is worth the try ..

Gl guys and keep me in touch

I agree, I even watched a video where a Doctor stated it reversed blocked veins near hes heart, hopefully it will do the same for the penis.

Please keep us updated, I wont be able to start taking this until I get the go ahead from my Doctor.

Please view my post.. Penis Hard When Flaccid.

I’ve gone nearly 3 weeks without masturbating, also taking Ginkgo and doing warm wraps occasioanlly in the evening for 5days now..

Not really noticed any difference. :(


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