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Extender Injury? HELP

Extender Injury? HELP

First of all I am aware that this is the wrong section of the forum but I cannot post in the injuries section as I am a new member.

So about a month ago I used a noose penis extender for 3 consecutive days, around 3-4 hours each day. While strapped on, my glans were cold and I stopped immediately once I realized my glans felt numb. I couldn’t get an erection for about a week after that, but now I would say my erections are back to normal, but maybe a bit less in duration than before. Now a month later, my numbness has not improved much, and I still have a white-ish ring around the parts of my glans that feels numb. The discoloration is clearly visible and also I seem to have dekeratinized skin on the numb portions of my glans too.

I believe I have a nerve injury but it is worrying because nerve injuries should be mostly internal, but I have discoloration and dekeratinized skin where my glans are numb.

Does anyone have experience with any of these symptoms and can offer any insights?


Not much you can do apart from wait. This is why we recommend avoiding noose type extenders. It may take quite a long time, but you should gradually recover.

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Manual stretches all day man! I hate the thought of damaging the one part of my body that means the most. Take a long rest and recover from what has happened, Your unit will eventually be well again so try not to stress to much. As for the extender, I’d say ditch it all together and just do manuals. Slow and steady wins the race.

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Went to doctor today, she said it’s most likely nerve/capillary damage that may take a long time to heal. Got referred to an urologist who I will meet in a month.

It will heal. Patience.

Don’t put your mind into it a lot.

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