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Exisiting turkey neck prior to PE

Exisiting turkey neck prior to PE

Hey fellas,

I have just came to the realization that I have a huge turkeyneck. For all intensive purposes I am a newb. I have been jelqing for a couple of weeks steady but realized I always had a turkeyneck. I have been doing stretches of some sort for 18-19 years, not steady but still doing it. It might explain my flaccid hang dimension in relation to my EL.

My question is though has any of the experienced PE’ers noticed a T-neck prior to the beginning of their routines? Do you still have it? Have you made an active ‘attack’ on that part of your routine to change it? If so what did you do and how effective was it? I have read posts on hanging and strapping of the scrotum to reduce its inevitable appearance, but have not found anything concrete to say how to eliminate it.

I can’t say that it bothered me in the past. I just know that now that I am taking an active role in looking at my penis in a clinical way and at all of it’s individual parts and the various methods and pitfalls with each, with that, I have come to the conclusion that I would feel it would be more natural looking if it weren’t so prominent. This same ‘new attention to detail’ has brought back to mind something my wife said once; that the hair travels very far up my shaft. I believe that this has an affect on the T-neck and would like to lower the scrotal sack skin, with its hair, back down. I don’t believe that I have a very tight circumcision.

This originally would easily be handled with a two handed jelq that I am currently using where I perform a lubricated jelq in an overhand ok. Then lock the second hand down at the base in the second overhand ok but use the first hand to quickly come back and form an inverted peace sign an pull back against the fat pad to pull the skin down under the turniqetinging second hand. But, as I said ‘originally’. Now I am reading posts that insinuate that this very movement could be causing my T-neck to begin with. Any leads to something I may have missed or comments would be real nice.

I thought of creating a poll on this but, would rather leave that up to the more experienced.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

Okay, I let this one ride awhile. WTF. 20 views not one response. Not one person can remember what their Johnson looked like before PE?

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.


After three years of PE, I have a more pronounced turkey neck than I did before I started PE’ing. I really don’t mind though, since I needed the extra skin to accommodate for the increases in length and girth I’ve made. When I’m erect, it’s not noticeable at all.

To help lessen the turkey neck look what I do are regular downward stretches of my ballsac to encourage the extra skin to be more a part of my sac rather than the lower part of my shaft. It seems to work for me. Visually I’m quite okay with how my dick looks, extra skin and all.


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Yep, had a turkey neck and decided that I wanted it away. I did see that you can get cosmetic surgery done, but thought that was a bit over the top for me.
I decided to get some split metal weights and stretch my ball sack, with lower hangers I reduced the turkey neck effect. (Before doing all of this, while having sex, the turkey neck would get in the way and limit my penetration)


Yeah Jim I agree that it is over the top for me also. I posted a question once asking if anyone new of stretching like that could hurt your seminal vesicles or vas defrens. I need to hunt that one down.

Nice gains peforeal. It never bothered me in the past either, I just never thought about being able to alter the way my dick looks, and now that I know differently, I am becoming more undecided. I haven’t even decided on a final goal. 8-9 BP with a 6-7 inch girth sounds good to me and doesn’t seem unattainable.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.


I also had (and have) a lot of hair growing up the shaft, probably a couple of inches or more. No big deal!! And I had and have a lot of skin just above the glans, so it sometimes looks like I’m uncircumcised. I think the PE might accentuate this a little, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Maybe, like you say, you’re just more away of it now that you’re really inspecting your penis. I think P’s suggestion is a good one—try stretching the ball sack.


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I’m going to read up on some of the threads on using rings and wraps. I’m getting ready to start a hanging routine as soon as I work a few kinks out of my cch3. I heard that they work well together somewhere. I just have to find it again.

If you have achieved your goals, are you still hanging, and if so why? Trying to cement your gains? Unable to stop such a built in habitt? Just like the stretched feeling? The swelled feeling?

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

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