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erection problems


When erection porblems and fast ejaculation get into your head. You are screwed. It will haunt you, I know. It’s probably all in your dome and thats the worst kind is the mental. Let me guess everytime you get ready, its “I wonder if my buddy is gonna act right.” Bad road to be on , I feel for ya. Maybe for a while it was physical, but 100 to 1 , I bet it’s mental.

hey 2in2002

Somebodies cloooser.

hey sean007!

Anytime you come out of relationship, especially divorce, your dick is going to feel some downtime (like no sex drive). Last spring, I had been doing PE for 2 months, but all of a sudden, I started having performance anxiety when I tried to have sex. I quit PE for 2 months, and the only thing that helped me was talking to a doctor. I didn’t tell him about PE, but just talking to him about ED made me feel better. If you can get an erection on your own, you’re fine. Maintaining the erection is all pyschological.

The thing about performance anxiety is that once you have some problems, it’s hard to knock it. I say if it’s such an issue, go talk to a doctor about it, and have him give you a sampler of Viagra. My doctor gave me some Viagra to boost my confidence, and it has worked on several occassions.

And I would strongly reccommend doing kegels during your downtime, if you decide to take any. I started doing kegels when I started PE again, and I think they are extremely important.

hey there guys

hi superstroker,
I have read your posts on your bouts with ED. Believe me I know how u felt. It’s an absolute nightmare! But u didn’t do PE for more than 2 months did u? I did it for a longer time, although on/off kinda thing but never at a stretch. I am worrying whether I have done any permanent damage. My dick kinda hangs down when limp, so I’m worried. I’m gonna lay off PE for good now, I don’t need anymore gains, I have them now! And it’s no use if u can’t use your dick!



looks like the whole angle thing is ED related as you effectively said. Hey stress is a killer and divorce is a major libido killer. Have to agree with stroker.

I ejaculate maybe twice a week, though I have sex about 4-5 times a week at the moment, at least half of the sex I have is oral only and that doesn’t get to the point of ejaculation, ever (though I do orgasm). We all have little problems with our head :) I often masturbate without coming too.

Best of luck getting over your ED.

Hey Sean and anyone else out there who might be able to help.

I am having similar problems to those of Sean. I began PEing maybe 6-7 weeks ago. I am now having major difficulties obtaining and then maintaining my erection. My girlfriend visited me for the whole week last week and twice I was unable to perform, although I did perform on 4 other occassions.
This has scared me to death as well. Sure I would like to have a bigger member but not if it doesn’t work!
I have only been doing 5 minute hotwrap, 5 minute manual stretching, 250-300 wet jelqs and then a hot shower. This was done 4-5 times per week.
I now cannot get an erection at all without a lot of manual stimulation and it subsides as soon as the manual stimulation stops. I was even receiving oral at one point last week and could not get hard, nothing remotely close to this has ever happened to me in my life (I am 34) and I am upset.
I have not stopped all PEing for 10 days and saw my doctor. Although I did not tell him about my PEing, his explanation was stress related. I can get an erection but it is softer and doesn’t maintain itself.
Can anyone help?


There’s no question that PE is the culprit. Since the intensity of Jelqing is a subjective thing it may be that you were really overworking your unit and actually required more rest days.

Pay very close attention to your units appearance. Does it feel harder than usual… kinda rubbery? Is it discoloured? How about sensations… are they the same? Does it recoil after workouts?

Also, I and others have found that manual stretching contributed to temporary ED. Are you performing manual stretches or Jai stretches? How hard are you pulling?

Over doing Kegels is another culprit.

Just know that it’s not you… you just need to back off from PE for a while and re-start when everything is back to normal.

My suggestion is to relax… do things that you enjoy. Take your mind off of the ED. Acknowledging it as a problem will certainly turn it into a problem. Performance anxiety can sneak up on you as the others have pointed out.

Do not try to attain an erection with a lot of stimulation because you are training your unit to respond to something more than it used to.

Do not have sex for a while until you are very, very horny. This will make you hyper sensitive. When a good hard erection appears just concentrate on “priming” the erection to its biggest size with very light touching and without ejaculating right away. This will re-train you to enjoy the lighter sensations and give you positive affirmation that everything is normal.

The same thing happened to me. Any questions asks away.

Torso Appreciated

Thanks for the reassuring, authoritative and experienced words.
Your input is very much appreciated.
Putting the full onus on PE is helpful. First it reassures my (at this point anyway) fragile ego and tells me that I must have been doing things wrong with respect to PE.
I do have questions though.
I didn’t think that I was overdoing things at the time, I did feel like a did a workout for a few hours after a jelquing session but never had spotting, discolouration or recoil. As a result I didn’t think I was overdoing it but what I did experience was different sensations on my penis, like the occasional localized quick “twinge” (during the day ususually on the underside of my shaft closer to the glans) on different parts of my penis and a diminished feeling all along my shaft.
I also started doing manual stretches (to a minimal pain level) but I have noticed that other parts of my body have a high pain threshold and perhaps I was over “pulling” without knowing it.
The last week before my “power outages” I had changed to JAI stretches, if that makes any difference?
Please let me know what you think.
Also as for your other advice Torso, I will most definitely follow it, relax and no sex for a while until I have worked up a real horn-on.
(what about masterbation?)
Thanks again

Big Probe

Another Quickie


I had one more question. Why and how would Kegels contribute to my problem. By all accounts I have read here they are the best thing you can do!

Sorry, I’ve been away

Big Probe,

the “twinges” and “diminished feeling” are positive proof that you were over working your unit to the point of affecting the nervous system.

You mentioned performing manual stretches to “a minimal pain level”. You should never feel anything more than a strong tension. Never pain! I have an unusually high pain tolerance as well which has a times led to, for example, fracturing bones and not realizing it. Long stories… Anyway, your pain tolerance is what is not serving you well.

When I first started performing the Jais I was under the impression that pulling really hard was okay because you were only supposed to do it for a couple of seconds. Wrong, medium tension is the most you should use.

Newbie has noted in the “DLD Blaster” thread that when stretching intensely the PC muscle may be hurt if you keep it from participating by reverse Kegeling. Food for thought… The PC reflex exists as a defensive mechanism. Indeed, stretching while holding a PC flex cannot be good for you.

The PC muscle brings fresh blood into the penis when it is contracted. It is what gives your erect penis that little jolt to stiffen it up if it tires. If it is exhausted it can not serve you when you need it.

I’ve known about Kegels for over twenty years and have performed them to the point of serious discomfort. I could feel the constant tension in my perineum (area between balls and a-hole). When I was doing them every day I noticed diminished erection strength and the inability to control my unit as I normally could.

I only do some Kegels now during Jelqing and invariably during sex. This is more than enough. Some guys that needed to get their PC muscle in shape have obviously seen some benefit but “you may not need” to do them. My doctor explained that Prostate inflammation is brought on by overdoing this exercise.

Masturbation should be avoided as well until you are so horny that you can’t stand it any longer. Then follow the guidelines I mentioned in my earlier post. Prime the erection by reaching the point of no return but not cresting over into ejaculation. When you can’t take it any more then ejaculate. Don’t masturbate just because you have nothing better to do… only when really horny.

Thanks Again

This forum is great and it is because of people like Torso.

I am learning, feeling better, and my “situation” seems to be improving (however slightly) and I am sure it has a lot to do with your advice and insight.

I am sure that the PE or overwork thereof contributed to my power outage. I have stopped for 17 days now and have seen some improvement in my ability to obtain an erection. It certainly is nowhere close to where it used to be but I have noticed some improvement.

I have stopped masturbating for the last few days and will not do so again until I reach that point of being just too horny to handle it (I previously masturbated 5 - 10 times a week).

I also feel that my masturbation habits might have had something to do with my problem. Recently (over the last 6 months or so) I have been masturbating strictly because it has really become a habit and a kind of routine (even if I really am not horny). I would begin masturbating without an erection, manually stimulate myself to hardness and ejaculate immediately going soft right afterwards and moving on to my next activity.

This routine has conditioned my mind and my penis to react to certain things which I don’t think are helpful to proper arousal and sexual activity. My girlfriend lives in a different city 5 hours away and so I have a lot of down time with respect to sex.

I have completely changed the way I have been masturbating, concentrating more on the fantasy, the feelings and the mood rather than concentrating on the physical stimulation and completion of the “mission”. I do not always ejaculate now and try to keep my manual stimulation to a minimum.

I will also now completely follow your advice Torso and not masturbate until it cannot be avoided, no matter how much I may wish to before.

Also I will stop the kegels for now because I am still unsure as to what benefit they will provide me. I already have very good control and when I ejaculate, have good volume and pressure.

I am not yet sure whether I will return to PEing, it will depend on how fully I recover. If it is 90-100% I will begin again following all of the advice generously provided to me by Torso.

If Torso or anyone else has any input or comments on anything I have said I would appreciate it.

Big Probe


the mental trauma of such incidents is the worst aspect of dealing with them and putting them behind you. When you DO fully recover… and you will… return to Peing with a plan and a backup plan and a time frame(eg. 2 years) in place.

Disappointment will not be able to touch you if you are content and happy with what you have and proceed cautiously with the full realization that this may not work for you. It has been said many times before that functioning “properly” to your standard is better than gaining an inch and experiencing diminished performance/pleasure.

One more thing I forgot to add is to keep a strict limit on how much porn you expose yourself to because it ultimately jades you and affects your ability to be aroused in the company of your girl no matter how hot your girl is. Save it for those tomes when you are already extra hornyand your girl is unavailable. When I stopped viewing this stuff all the time I soon began to re-appreciate my girl. Conditioning as we have already determined is of the utmost importance.

BTW, you are way too kind. Keep me apprised of how everything is working out for you.

I have already begun to follow your wisdom and have noticed improvement. I agree with your statement about porn as well. It really is only something that should be viewed very sparingly.

I am unsure of my immediately future regarding PEing but I will keep you informed of my progress and future plans concerning PE.

thanks again Torso


Good call on the porn.

"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

Qucik Good News Update

Well just wanted to let anyone who may be following the saga of the “limp dick” that I do have a good news update.
Spent the last weekend with the girlfriend in her city and had a great time. No power outages, nothing but wonderful, glorious hardness all weekend long.
Without going into detail, we had many amourous encounters over the 2 days I was there and things were even better than before. During the intermitent period of my failures a few weeks ago and this last weekend I have been following the advice of Torso (see above) along with my own voluntary changes to masturbation habits and porno viewing along with a complete stop to PEing.
The results were a complete recovery.
I am very happy and once again thank Torso for his help.
If anyone has any questions or I can help them with a similar problem in anyway, please let me know!
Who knows, maybe I will start back at my PEing, not sure yet but I will keep all informed.



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