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Erection problem

Erection problem

Hi I started doing PE a week ago and only did streches now after the last time I streched I felt a couple of days after pain like stabs pain at my penis and now I got weak erection! I’m scared I don’t know what to do , the pain has gone I did think of doing some jelqs or kegels can it help me?

When you stretched last time?

It is always better to rest for long then you need to rather shorter than you need to. Rather than jelq apply heat and do some very gentle massage. Hot bath, hot tub, sauna, heating pat, IR lamp; all work for heat.

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Originally Posted by marinera

When you stretched last time?

4 days ago. The pain is gone but the erection don’t don’t last like it did

So, is it not lasting like it was or it’s not as hard as it was? Because I’m not sure what are you referring to? If it’s about time of erection then maybe it’s just a psychological factor? Maybe it’s just too much stress? Anyway, I hope you will get well soon!

Like ” iamaru ” said, take a week are two off, and do 2 five minute heat raps a day. Good luck man. Stay positive.

Hey guys I did stop for a couple of days and now I started to see mmore white spotss on the glans now they look like a loss of color. You can’t feel them its like they are a change color of the glans and. When I touch the spot the blood seem to get in a change the white spots and the glans color return but after 10 sec the white spots come back

Hi imwanta20,

There may be a little problem with circulation going on, stretching actually puts quite a bit of pressure on the glans. Stop PE for now, go to the chemist/drug store and get some Lugol’s solution, apply this to the glans after a shower and wrap it in cling wrap so it wont stain your clothes, you can wash it off after about thirty minutes. this will help get the blood flowing again, don’t panic it will be o.k. Keep applying heat via a warm (not hot) rice sock, 20 minutes on twenty minutes off when you are at home, give it a couple of weeks to repair and rebuild the structure and you should be fine.

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