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Erectile Dysfunction/Penis Not Sensitive


ED has many causes

Originally Posted by deon1955
Even though I am a newbie, I think we should start a new thread in the newbie section, or maybe even a sub-section of the forum called Ps-I’s - psychological indicators.

Take care of the emotional Self, which is tainted by unfair expectations, and you will be fine. You are not inadequate, you simply adhere to conditions of worth. So break that rule. You are worth it.

My ED has come about from age, various surgeries (not penis related) and hypertension. PE has helped me get my confidence in bed back and i use Viagra (no shame here). TP is also a big help. This is a marathon with many ups and downs.

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Originally Posted by cwclark
My ED has come about from age, various surgeries (not penis related) and hypertension. PE has helped me get my confidence in bed back and I use Viagra (no shame here). TP is also a big help. This is a marathon with many ups and downs.

Don’t worry bro , We will all sail in the same boat , Sooner or later , Age has rights on you , I advice you to eat honey , Natural one 100% natural , If you can buy it with wax it’s better , Every morning eat one tea spoon , It will boost you up , In one month you will see the change , Not on your penis , But in you general health , General health means healthy penis , Good luck

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After some searching(about 20 seconds worth) I have come to this thread for help. I am only 20 years old and started PE about a year ago, achieved some small growth but then mostly stopped and am seemingly now experiencing some ED.

When I started, I was insecure and had just been left from a 3 year relationship and wanted to do something to self improve I suppose. After a few months and some gains, PE began to fade as my life began to pickup again and I got alot of my old friends back. I was always out partying, meeting girls and having alot of casual/drunken sex and all that good stuff. She was my first/only until the end, and I’ve been with 15+ girls now. Insecurities tend to fade away the more woman you pickup…

Anyways.. That’s just a small description of my circumstance. My problem is my EQ has dramatically dropped over the last, oh well say 6 months? Morning/night wood seem to occur randomly, but not everyday. Although I guess it didn’t occur to me until recently and I had always blamed alcohol/drugs. I had been drinking and partying heavily for a while now and have now stopped and am hoping to see some improvement and may start PE again but I’m not quite sure if that’s what may have started it in the first place. I’ve taken days/a week off and still sometimes had some issues with it, so it really is throwing me off. I figure if it’s alcohol/drugs it would come back fairly quickly when I stop, right?
I remember one of the first girls after I started PE I wasn’t able to come at all and would go soft, trying several different times before I left her.

I don’t know what I’m getting at. I’m rambling now, but I guess i’d just like some insight on what I should do. Can I already have ED at 20? Did I break my dick with PE? Or has all my crazy partying done my dick in? Maybe an STD? Any advice/input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi there guys,

I really need to get this off my chest..

I started PE a few years ago and did it on and off. I haven’t really seen much in terms of gains but I thought I would keep at it as I have read that most of you guys have kept at it before seeing gains. I will get to the point, 7 days ago (Thursday), I had a hard jelqing session and then on Sunday I came down with a cold. Nothing was wrong with my penis at that time as I was able to think of something arousing and get an erection. However I think it was Monday night, I realised that my penis had lost a hell of a lot of sensitivity and getting an erection was hard. In terms of loss of sensitivity, I think my whole penis has lost some sensitivity, I know for sure that my head is less sensitive though.
It is now Thursday and to be honest, there has been little improvement to the situation. I have been able to get an erection (not full blow one) just for the sake of trying to have an orgasm and in the bath I was able to achieve a decent erection. I am worrying so much guys and I know I shouldn’t be looking for sympathy, but I am so scared I may have just totally ruined my life and that this lack of sensitivity will never come back. I sometimes have a dull aching in my penis, but besides that, my penis does not hurt. I am only a 19 year old guy, but this past week my libido has dropped through the floor.
I have read threads on here about people losing sensitivity and not going to the doctors and just waiting for the damaged nerve to heal. I am so scared right now, should I do this or should I visit the doctor straight away? I am so scared I am going to have to be on Viagra for the rest of my life in order to get a full erection that lasts. I am so scared right now, I don’t feel like going to work, I don’t feel like doing anything. I feel sick and I am in despair.

Can anyone please give me some insight as to what I should do and also if anyone has had the same kind of experience and ever regained sensitivity?


It happened to me a few months back too. I was worried about it not ever being the same just like you are now. The advice I got on here was to stop PE for a month or two till the sensitivity comes back. And it sure enough did in about a month and a half.

But I’m still losing sensitivity after every PE session still (stretching and jelqing). It comes back if I take a few days to a week off though.


A couple of months ago, I began a routine that consisted of solely wet jelqs. I was very safe (I thought I was being a little too cautious — 30-40 jelqs/day, a light grip, a warm compress to warm-up, massage afterwards to warm-down) and after a month or so, I began to suffer from ED. For the next three weeks I was unable to maintain an erection. Any ideas as to why this happened?


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