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erectile dysfunction or not?

erectile dysfunction or not?

Guys, I’m confused I have had the best luck with the exercises and gained some length at least a good inch. now currently a 8half” and maybe like a 7 girth.. why do i have erections that sometimes are only 85 percent instead of 100 percent like before.. Plus i used to give myself an erection but now I physically have to be touched and it still won’t stay.. nothing has changed except this and now its causing anxiety..

Also, is it normal when i do have erections sometimes for my penis to get up to 10 ” but generally stay if hard at 8half” I mean my partner and I noticed a few times wow, that’s way bigger and measured.. very rare that happens..but my main concern is to get an erection 100 percent again.. Please help me, i appreciate any input..

So your penis goes up to 10x7 but doesn’t stay hard? Could you post a pic?

Yes every now and then very rarely i will get the nicest erection and litterally it measured just close to 10 ” I can def post but not sure how here.. of coarse i had to tak a pic of that to hot…

However, the contiuous probs everyday almost r frustrating me..

My friend, it is near impossible to understand what are you saying. Chat speaking is not allowed here, by the way.

Yes , I’m sorry about that.. I have problems chat speaking since i do so much of it.. Please excuse me, I will delete this post if able and redo to make little better understanding. Sorry again and thank you


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