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Erectile dysfunction after jelqing. Loss of Sensation. Injury Questions. Please help.


I think I had a setback. Sigh. Whenever I accidentally touch my dick with my hand too hard, I feel like I have a setback. A couple days ago, my dick was good. The glans was full and I felt like I was recovering. This was after over 2 weeks of not touching my dick. However, my girlfriend accidentally grabbed my dick so that might have caused a setback. So my flaccid shrunk.

Another setback: yesterday I was taking a shit, and some white discharge came out of my penis. The same thing happened a month ago. I think it’s because I haven’t ejaculated in a month so it was some semen. I already got it tested last month, and it wasn’t any UTI or any disease. Anyways, I was pressing near the top of m shaft to get the dribble out of my penis. That may have damaged it.

Today my flaccid is kind of turtled, small, cold glans. Does this happen to anyone else? That if you accidentally touch your dick you suffer setbacks? Thanks all.

Yeah mate. I feel your pain. I get setbacks when I chuck a shit and push too hard then I feel a dull pain in my shaft. Now I am afraid to poo.

Update: I was able to have sex last night. However, I masturbated 4 days ago for the first time since December (I had sex sporadically from my injury in December to now), and 2 days ago I developed a long, skinny flaccid. Not sure if it’s related to jacking off 2 days prior to the long flaccid showing up. This happens when I sit down. Did anyone here ever experience a long and skinnier flaccid? This happened to me a month ago too, but it didn’t last long. At least it’s not turtling, it’s the opposite in fact since it’s now long and skinny flaccid sometimes. The long flaccid causes my frenulum (area right under the penis hole) to be sore since the longer flaccid stretches the skin there (I’m circumsized). My glans has also been cold.


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