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Ahh just when I think things cant get worst, they do!

I have been ill for 16weeks, nose, throat, thyroid swelling, ear ache, tongue swollen, abdominal cramps, blood from back passage, cant breath and its so bad I get out of breath just talking.

I’m a little overweight but was exercising 6days a week (for 12 weeks) and then I started feeling weak so I stopped 13weeks ago.

I finally go to the doctors on Friday, I know I should have gone before but I have a few “personal problems” that I was trying to sort out, I then realized in order to that I will HAVE to go to the doctors.

I got prescribed 1500mg Amoxicillin a day and Nystan 1ml, four times a day, I was told my chest was clear and she also wanted me to have a blood test but I refused (meant going to the hospital) I still have the form in case I change my mind or the antibiotics don’t sort me out.

Here’s what she wants tested:




Renal Profile
Liver Profile
Bone Profile
Thyroid Profile
Vitamin B12
Serum Profile


Thyroid Antibodies

Anyway this illness is the reason I didn’t start wearing my extender again after being cut, I just done some jelqing in the bath in the evening for the last 8weeks (had never done it before), last Sunday, I started doing hard stretching with my hands after warming up and kegals, by Tuesday I had a slight pain in my testical/vein but carried on doing kegals, jelqs and hard stretches (I know stupid), Wednesday was worst so I stopped all PE, I did do 1000 kegals in the space of 20minutes on Thursday night though, later that night my left testical and vein is hurting when just walking, on Friday still some pain (probably should have told the doctor when I was there) Saturday still pain Sunday (yesterday) still in pain, I tested and I can get an erection and still shoot.

I then realized yesterday it feels a lot better when my testicle is being pushed up the pain basically goes (I even tried wrapping a bandage around my testicles and shoulder to keep them pushed up), I done some searching today as the pain is still there and I’m starting to get worried as I read if its a twisted vein, it dies within 4 - 6 hours, I did think, well I’ve had this since Tuesday and it would be dead by now anyway and as I can still feel it and I don’t feel sick or dizzie, so I’m sure its not twisted.

I then looked at Epididymitis and it fits in with what I got and how it feels better when I push my testicles up (one of the tests), it also says if you have a viral infection it can come on (just look at my list), thankfully the recommend treatment is bed rest (there’s also no pain when I’m laying down) and a scrotum support, I also read kegals can cause it and I was doing loads.

So I’m sure this is what I have, one of my antibiotics (Amoxicillin) kills infections in the urinary tract, at least I don’t have to go back to the doctors.

If you have had Epididymitis, what did you use for scrotum support? I wear boxer shorts which is probably the worst underwear to wear, also how long did it take you to fully recover, so you could do pe again?

Obviously I won’t do PE, I couldn’t it hurts to much, to people that haven’t had it, its such an annoying pain, you couldn’t even have sex with your “dream” woman, just thinking of it makes me cringe as the testicles would be getting slapped but I don’t want to lose any gains (girth seemed bigger and flaccid hang, just from last weeks hard stretching and kegals) now my penis is retracted in flaccid and looks tiny (it is cold here though 7 °C).

Sorry for such a long thread.


Still in pain and difficulty walking although its made so much better with the bandage I have wrapped around my testicles and my shoulder, I can still get an erection and fire bullets, one strange thing is my semen was a lot thicker and more white, could be due to not releasing anything for a few days.

As for the rest of me, I feel a bit better and I think my breathing is a little better but no where near normal for a 20year old (ignore my name), I still have the rest of today and tomorrow’s/Saturdays medication to take, so maybe it will clear up by then, I doubt it though :( .

Hi James,

I had Epididymitis over the summer. It started with a pain in my right testicle when I was walking. I went to my GP who told me to go and get STD testing as epididmitis can be a complication of chlamydia. Anyway, all negative so he simply sent me on my way.

It got so bad one day I had to go to A&E [for guys in America, this is Accident and Emergency] at St. Thomas’ [Yes, I live in London too!]. They were scared it was testicular torsion so I got seen fairly quick. The doctor came and examined me and even had the consultant come take a look; honestly my bollocks never had so much attention.

They prescribed me with a two week cycle of doxycycline (spelling?) and assured me that all would be well. All was well and good until a few weeks after that. I again started feeling discomfort in the right testicle and again went to see my GP who told me to get STD screening (again). Again, it came back all negative. So I was referred to the urology clinic at Guy’s Hospital. Bloody big wait but I saw the SHO. We talked about the pain for a while and he ordered an ultrasound to ensure it wasn’t anything else. He said there was a small cyst on the epididymis but nothing to worry about as it should dissolve away.

In the end, he recommended more supportive undies (boxer briefs) and see where we go from there. That was maybe a few weeks ago. So to date, I have been doing light massage and warm baths. This seems to have helped tremendously. I have been meaning to take up PE again but this has obviously sidetracked me. The supportive underwear was key for me; I have low hanging balls and I suspect that walking even contributed as they might get trapped in a scissor action between my legs.

I am gingerly trying to get back into PE. I do some warming up and kegels but that’s it for now. Maybe in a week I will try stretching and take it one session at a time. In all honesty, I’d rather keep my current size rather than cause any damage in the hopes for a bigger cock.

As you haven’t been diagnosed with Epididimytis, it may be important to head to the GP just to give them a heads up, maybe see a urologist. It probably is the viral infection but its good to have a medical professional assess you. I would be concerned whether it was testicular torsion in which case they amputate the testis after 24 hours without treatment.

Anyway, let us know how it goes. Speedy recovery mate.

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

Thanks for the reply acer1683 :) .

You seem to have been through the wars with it :eek: .

We must be pretty close to each other, St.Thomas isn’t very far from me, my local hospital is Kings College, I know mine isn’t a STD due to being sexually inactive for a long time, I think its part of the whole infection my body has as I was suffering with cystitis on and off during the 13week period before going to the doctors, luckily the antibiotics I have deal with a number of things including urinary tract infections, it also deals with chlamydia and gonorrhea (the two STD’s said to cause Epididimytis) even though mine isn’t caused by them.

My balls also hang low, hence the bandage wrap lol, on the weekend I’m going to purchase some boxer briefs as boxer shorts don’t hold anything in place.

I have had this 6days now and I can still feel my testicle, if it was testicular torsion, I think it would have died last week, I’m probably going to put myself in Kings (if I don’t get better within the next two days) next week after my blood test at Dulwich Hospital, maybe they can run some tests on me and tell me why my tongues swollen and I cant breath, even after taking antibiotics for 7days and I will 100% mention my left testicle as it is probably an important part in all of the infections I have.

I’m still not doing PE and I don’t plan to until this has cleared, I wish I had mentioned it to my doctor on Friday, I didn’t as I thought I had stretched to hard in a stretching/jelqing session, she probably would have asked why I thought I had caused it and I didn’t want a debate about penis enlargement risks or her thinking I’m mad.

Thanks, I hope yours gets back to its old self soon as well, I’ll continue to update this thread :) .


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