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Ejaculation is less powerfull......WHY?

Ejaculation is less powerfull......WHY?

So out of the blue, ive noticed the last few four times I have cum it has not been as powerful. My whole life I have ejaculated very strongly, i.e. it shoots far, and comes out with force. Now its kind of comes out slowly, there is NO shooting at all, and its really not as much as normal. Every thing feels the same, and the orgasm is the same… So why is this happening? Has this ever happened to any one else here?

Also I have not made any changes to my routine, which is basically the rookie routine. If any thing ive stopped doing most every thing except for brief stretching in shower, and JELQ. Any one??? The only thing I can think that has changed is that I started to do PE, and lots of keggles. I plan to stop all PE and keggles and am hoping things will just simply return to normal after a 4-5 day break. My erection quality is the same, which is awesome, so no injury, basically Im just kind of stumped….

Current: BPEL - 7.438" EG - 5.375 (base EG - 5.688") FL - 4.250" FG - 4.438" [19.150 ci]

Future Goal: 8" x 6" (2 red bull cans stacked on top of each other)

"Give them nothing, but take from them everything."

Weak PC and BC muscles. End of story

Atrophy - lack of use or not exercising them with Kegels enough

Lack of energy - shitty diet, too much stress at work, not enough sleep

Shitty posture - bad posture fucks up how your muscles contract including the ones that deeper inside you like the PC and BC

Not creating enough sperm - shitty nutrition or lack of hormones creates a weak small jizz stream. Eat some Maca, eggs, bee pollen

Sitting too much at computer with bad posture - you sit down at the computer for too long with bad posture you are putting to much pressure on the PC area for long time and that is not good

Address all of these issues with proper exercise and proper nutrition.

For exercise that is excellent and quick I recommend the Kettlebell. Excellent workouts, for overall strength endurance, speed strength also, excellent back and core development. - Do your research on YouTube


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Shitty diet: one of the sites you can check out, there are many others this is one of the best but they lean towards a fully vegetarian diet they still talk about organic meats

Sitting to much at the computer? Get this chair:


Wow, thanks man!!! This is the best response Ive ever had, very insightful!!! I think its the lack of exercise, diet, and the fact that I sit at my desk at work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ever seen office space! LOL. Any way so I guess I do all of the things that could cause what im experiencing. Ill try and improve posture, eat better, and get up more often when sitting at my desk. I really think, after reading your reply, that after I stopped working out cold turkey 2 months ago, ive fell out of shape and my body is starting to feel it. On top of that add bad diet, bad posture, bad sleeping patterns lately… Guess it was just bound to happen to me huh. Ill let you know if this works, and im shooting .50 cal rounds out of my cock again! laterz..


Current: BPEL - 7.438" EG - 5.375 (base EG - 5.688") FL - 4.250" FG - 4.438" [19.150 ci]

Future Goal: 8" x 6" (2 red bull cans stacked on top of each other)

"Give them nothing, but take from them everything."

May I say something here!

Even I have gone through the same experience, I feel it has something to do with the force which we apply while jelqing; actually the force which we apply reduces the size of opening in the shaft area resulting in less force while shooting!

What ever I said above has got no scientific base the only base for it is my logic. If you agree let me know.

Practice ejaculation retention. It will build up back some of this shot power. Cum once a week for a while, didn’t say not have sex - but do not ejaculate.

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