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Early injury Or penile ribs Feels fine though. Please help

Early injury Or penile ribs Feels fine though. Please help

Hey guys! Just started PE’ing very casually a few weeks ago. Started to get into it a bit more the last few weeks, usually doing wet and dry jelqs toward the base for girth. I started pretty enthusiastically, but nothing major (once had some soreness and red spots for a day or two, but nothing else).

However this last few weeks I have noticed a very thin subcutaneous ring or two encircling my penis. I have no pain, and am experiencing no erectile problems/ curvature anything. It is under the skin, and more prominent at the sides of the penis. They can be seen during erection, but the penis is much larger so they seem smaller. They are most noticeable for an hour or two after orgasm, when the penis is deflating but still a bit swollen in the tunica.

It looks a bit like the description of penile “ribs” I see all over these forums, or on porn stars like shane diesel or brandon iron, but I just want to make sure I am not doing anything wrong.

Google “brandon iron ribs” if you want to see a pic. I don’t want to post porn on this site.

Here are some links to pictures of my dick at different erection states (NSFW)

deleted links.

Anyways guys, just wondering if I am doing anything terribly wrong here. Should I see a doctor?

Does anyone else have experience with these ribs? Please share!

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Upload your pics here if you want. Yes they look normal penis ribs.

Okay, going to attach them here. Pics below of what may be penis “ribs”.. A thin band like swelling around the shaft, more prominent on the sides..

These are visible when erect or better yet semi erect, and slightly visible flaccid. (The bottom one is a blowie pic of shane diesel, if this is not allowed just delete it) Please let me know anyone if this seems normal to you.

Also Marinera.. Did you ever worry that penile bands like this are/ will lead to peyronies? So many people who PE claim to have them, but then again a big cause of peyronies is penile trauma, right?

I have no pain or erect curvature so to speak, but still, I am a bit scared to continue after this happened so quickly (only a few weeks)

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Your last pic was deleted. No blow job pics allowed.

Okay, my mistake. Guess I’m in a new forum now.. Any members have an insight?

Moving this to the injuries thread. Delete this one if necessary mariner. It really doesn’t belong here my mistake

Edit: actually, I can’t start a thread there for some reason. Can you move it for me marinera?

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