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Down for an Injury.

Down for an Injury.

Approx three weeks ago I did what could best be described as an aggressive dry-jelq routine while taking a shower, after which went out and did more then a little walking… End result was that I evidenty chaffed the skin on the top part of my dick, perhaps an inch below the shaft approx at midshaft.. Like an idiot I continued to do my routine thinking that the various creams were keeping things going in the right direction. I woke up and realized that my dick was so sore (burning feeling) and red in that area that I was walking funny—- funny how one justifies pain when they are hooked on PE!

I havn’t touched my trout since last Thursday and while it does feel much better it is still sore and the redness is being replaced by what looks to be dry skin that is starting to itch like fucking hell and slightly flake. No manuals or pumping for me until I’m back to fighting shape but as this fucker heals it appears to really itch—oh, and I’m back to wearing underwear until I fully heal. If anyone has any information on something that will speed my recovery I’m more then happy to listen..


Put on a little hydrocortisone 1% cream or ointment to stop the itch and help finish off the healing process. Gold bond lotion or powder would also help the itch, now that there is no raw skin exposed.


I don’t know if this will help you or not, because perhaps your condition calls for something else?: There was a time when my dick became very dry, cracked and sore from jelqing with shampoo ( I switched to using vaseline to jelq with afterwards) in the shower. Scared the hell out me and I bought vaseline in the jar and started keeping my dick lubricated with it and didn’t jelq. My dick was too sore to jelq anyways. It slowly got better and after 3 days was about back to normal. Still, you were using creams so I don’t know. Unless perhaps you have developed a bit of an allergy to a cream and it is keeping things from getting better?

Thanks for the replies beenthere & gprent101… My manual routine is aggressive and I was pumping for approx one hour in the am and one hour at night… Under normal conditions I never had any problem with my routine but after rubbing the skin raw a week or so of PE caused things to go downhill in a rapid manner.


Just in case you don’t have those things on hand I mentioned, if you have hemorrhoid cream, you can use that, as the main ingredient is hyrdocortisone at 1% concentration.

Vitamin C helps healing, start slamming down orange juice or sometimes what I like on the go is the chewable vitamin C tabs. If you find a good brand they are pretty good, like “little candies that are good for you!” I know it sounds like a corny old wives tale or ‘your mom talking to you’ but it’s just a fact. The body needs C to heal and to fight infection. :)

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Just slathered up with some vitamin E and am going to devour an Orange and get some OJ tomorrow along with some vitamin C.. Thanks electron, gonna start pounding it…


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