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Dorsal vein injury


Dorsal vein injury

Let’s just say for arguments sake that the injury I have had for about 10 weeks is a thrombosis of my dorsal vein on the left side. It runs all the way from my fat pad, to down the shaft (starts to move toward the side as it gets closer to the head) and then ends up curving under the bottom just before the glans. This would be a 7 inch thrombosis…it is noticeable to the touch when soft, but it seems larger when erect or jelqing. The entire band (and the fucker is thick as it nears the head) is moveable when I push on it. I feel none of the bumps within the vein that many with thrombosis talk about, and it seems bigger than usual (as far as I’ve noticed looking through threads).

Here are my questions: Can it be a thrombosis? If it is, can it still go away after I’ve been irritating it for at least 10 weeks? Why should I bother to let it heal if it isn’t effecting anything to the best of my knowledge? What are the circulatory implications for my penis if this is a dorsal thrombosos? I know this is annoying but I need to know. Thanks

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Could well be a thrombosis. It would scare the shit out of me to have one so big. If it is a thrombosis the vein may just become sclerosed rather than re-canalize. I’d get a Dr to check it to confirm and consider a break if correct. Why be concerned? It would seem to me that even though this did not affect you functionally, I would worry about the effect of additonal thromboses. What is maybe minimal enough not to be noticable may become noticable with additional injury.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks luvdadus,

Would you mind explaining sclerosed and re-canalize for me? I believe it to mean seal off permanently and re-open, respectively, but I’m not sure. Could a thrombosis of this major vein cause circulation problems in your opinion? Also, what do you mean by consider a break? Shit, I’m scared now.

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>>I believe it to mean seal off permanently and re-open, respectively,>>

That is right.

>>Could a thrombosis of this major vein cause circulation problems in your opinion? >>

I guess my point is that although this injury hasn’t affected your function additional injuries could. I think the main reason to take a break is to give the vein (if that is the right diagnosis) time to re-open. Continuing to stress the vein while its trying to heal is likely to make it stay closed off.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Are you aware of anything else this might be? I will see a urologist if it does not subside completely with 2 weeks off, but I was just wondering. Also, since I was initially injured jelqing, and stretching does not seem to bother it or make it more pronounced, do you think I can continue with stretches? Thanks again

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>>Are you aware of anything else this might be?>>

what you described sounds pretty convincing for a thrombosis. To really know I’d have to examine you.

>>do you think I can continue with stretches?>>

I think that stretching is probably ok if you are determined to continue some pe. (It’s probably what I’d do).
Do some hot wraps in the interim before your stretching sessions.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Thanks for all your information. Its been three days with no PE for me; are there any specific things which I should look for in the coming days that will help identify this as a thrombosis? Also, if a thrombosis is a clog of a vein, why does it become so much larger when I am erect or jelqing? Wouldn’t it stay the same size…a clogged vein is a clogged vein. Thanks in advance. By the way, nothing has changed at all yet.

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This might be of interest. After looking at several similar abstracts I can relate that resolution of a penile vein thrombosis usually takes five to eight weeks. Some suggest taking an anti-inflammatory drug such as aspirin or ibuprofen if the condition is painful, but note that taking such drugs will not speed up the recovery.

Thanks westla, I’m really not sure if I can go 7+ weeks though. Besides, If I go that long and it doesn’t dissipate, I’ll really be bummed. Any clue as to what else this could possibly be? Do thromboses actually get larger while erect?

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I suppose it could be an inflamed vein and not a thrombosis. Have you shown it to a physician? If you’ve had it for 10 weeks and it isn’t going away, perhaps a professional should look at it.

I really hate dropping my pants for the doctor. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t gone away because I have continued my full routine…probably would have dissapeared in that time if I had taken a break. Anyway, my peins really shrivels at the doctors and it’s quite embarrasing. If it doesn’t go away, I guess I’ll have no choice. I’ll re-evaluate in a month. Thanks again.

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IMO, I think you need to stop all PE. Swallow your pride and go see a doctor… now!

I’m sure the doc has seen many dicks a lot smaller than yours.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Cut it out and get to a doctor man!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Fine! Thanks everyone.

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Mondor’s Phlebitis(superficial dorsal vein thrombosis) is definitely what I think this is after much searching on the net. The length of mine seems a bit unusual, but they usually disappear without complication in 4-8 weeks. If there is no change after a full month I will see a doctor, until then hot wraps and rest (I had sex today but took it easy). I just hope I didn’t create a permanent blockage by not resting and irritating it for over 2 months. Time will tell.

Oh by the way, why is my dick getting smaller in the flacid size after 12 days off if blood flow has nothing to do with PE? I’m going to be real bummed if my penis reverts fully to its old flacid size, especially if the thrombosis doesn’t heal.

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