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Dorsal vein injury



I injured myself a few years back due to PE (different type of injury) and I know how you feel. I also know that I felt alot better when I did finally see a Dr about my condition. I had a large blue circle like area of discoloration on the head of my cock. It went away eventually after no PE.

At that time of my Dr’s visit I was not much of a shower either and I did confess to him how it happend. He asked me if the PE worked and I told him it did. He did not seem surprised at all. He handled himself like a true professional and put my mind at ease. I felt much better afterward. You will to trust me. You only got one dick and it needs to last you. Get it checked out.


Originally posted by soflsun

Oh by the way, why is my dick getting smaller in the flacid size after 12 days off if blood flow has nothing to do with PE?

I don’t know. Dicks do that. Read this. (Disregard the part about surgery, the “important” part is about blood flow.)

Interesting Westla, what’s the deal with the spermatic cord. This might be what is causing the shriveling…maybe PE makes it less reflexive (more relaxed) and therefore increases flacid hang. What do you think?

Thank you jman, you’re probably right.

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The spermatic cords are a bundle of tubes (on each side) that pass from your abdomen to your scrotum and end in your testicles. The cord contains arteries, veins, lymph vessels, nerves and the vas deferens which allows sperm to leave your balls and get the your dick. The spermatic cords have nothing to do with your penis or the way it hangs.

I’ve gone 3 weeks without jelqing and 2 weeks without any PE at all. The thrombosis is still present and does not seem to have changed at all. I was hoping something would be feeling different…maybe some area of the vein would be getting softer or something, but nothing yet. I hope this thing isn’t here forever. I’m going to hold off at least another 3 weeks.

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The vein will eventulally probably fibrose (scar down) rather than recanalize (open up). Hopefully this won’t happen a 2nd time, if it does quit as soon as you recognize it.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Do you mean if I recognize another thrombosis stop immediately before I damage the vein so severely that it won’t recanalize, or if it happens again stop PE forever? Is it possible that a new vein will grow to replace the one that was damaged, or is my penile vascular system damaged forever? Is it possible that it will open up in the next three weeks? Thanks, this sucks.

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Almost 11 weeks without jelqing now and the injury is still present. I have, however, been manual stretching for about the last 5 weeks. The thrombosis feels a bit thinner maybe, but I’m not completely sure. This has given me an opportunity to work on length solely without adding girth, we’ll see if it works. My point is this, start very slow in the beginning of your PE career, or you could end up with a permanent injury.

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