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Does any one else have this problem

Does any one else have this problem

Ok so I have noticed this more often just because I am starting to jelq, but I don’t think that it’s always been like this. I have this cracks and indention on my penis head. The camera doesn’t show great depth perception but some are pretty deep. Two question: Does anyone else have this problem and is it normal. Also do you think it will turn a girl off by the sight of it?

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You can’t post dick pictures in newbie. I don’t you have anything to worry about.

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Alright thank you.

I can’t post yet in “Member’s pics”. Thunder SS said to just post in Newbie and someone will move it.

O Ok thanks man that’s a relief I glad someone has this problem. From my understanding it’s because I am circumcised.

And Thanks SonnyC for the link!

Nice glans!

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Uncircumcised. I am experiencing that look when my glans is not totally filled with blood. Try getting to full erection and kegel blood into your unit, you may notice those cracks straighten up and your glans will be slight bigger.(assumption based on personal experience)

Concentrating on your tool is arousal-killing.(.you don’t have any kinky thoughts when you are staring at your dick.) Your mind conceives it is not time to .send the little soldier to fight, so you lose erection level (a slight amount but still enough .)

In conclusion I do believe that your glans will be more filled during your bed adventures and it will not have the cracks .. Your tool is healthy. Enjoy life, bro.
Best wishes and happy PE, iDare

Thanks man for the support and the information. Bug help buddy! Yeah when I jelq the cracks show more but I don’t think it will matter, if the girl says something I’ll make up a great Thanks again buddy!

I meant to say “Big” help buddy!

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