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Do I have a blood clot or thrombosis or what?

Do I have a blood clot or thrombosis or what?

A week or so back, after a session of stretching and jelq squeezes, I noticed a red spot on the underside of my penis. I assumed it was minonr (dumb idea, I know) and kept up my routine. It soon turned blue (at least during my sessions), and it was basically a bump a half inch in diameter. I decided to take a couple days off. Apparently this wasn’t a long enough break, because the next time I tried jelqing (for only 10 minutes), a few drops of blood oozed out from the wounded area. I am confused by all the terms found on here, although I have used the search function. Is this a burst vein or what? I really, really don’t want to lose the gains from all my hard work, but it’s been about 4 days since I’ve last done PE, and the blue bump is still there. Could someone please tell me how to speed up my healing so I can start PE’ing again? Should I just use hot wraps, or is there a medication/vitamin that I should be using? Thanks very much.

In my opinion there is nothing you can do that will make a big difference in the rate of healing. I know you’re worried about losing your gains, but it’s better to have a temporary delay than to permanently injure your penis by continuing to PE. Take however much time off completely from PE you need to recover. It may take a few weeks.

I am no doctor, but I believe that one or two aspirins a day for a few days should help cure what seems to be a circulatory issue.

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Can someone at least tell me what sort of problem this is? Thrombosis or what? Thanks.

Hello shakeandbake!

First of all, I hope you’re doing ok! I know it’s pretty hard when you get injured and you have to stop when you’ve gained already. It’s frustrating, and believe me, I’ve been through that!

Well, reading your post, let me tell you that I think I do have suffered that same injury. An internal bleeding appeared at the right side of my shaft, at the back of it, and would stay there for some minutes. As soon as I would start jelqing again, it would appear again. It was frustrating. I stopped for 1 day, then 2, and then 5, and then decided to take this month off. That was the best thing I could do, and thanks to all those who adviced me to do it!!! I didn’t restart my pe routine, think I will start it tomorrow, but I tried to jelq last week, and the spot didn’t appear, so it was good news.

And just one more thing… I DID NOT lose any single milimeter. ;) I bet you won’t lose either… and if you do, you will be able to get it back in just a couple of weeks!

Believe me… don’t try to hurry things up! You have to heal it now so you don’t have to stop over and over again!

A big big hug and all the support in this very difficult times!


P.S.: I still do not know the name of this injury… it looks like an internal bleeding, some sort of vein damage or something, not a thromobosed vein at all, otherwise you couldn’t stand the pain!

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i had the same thing once, and when some girl tried to give me a hand job ooh did it hurt…i had to lay off PE for a week, I think gently massaging the thing helped. A different time I got another one of those things after jelqing, BUT this time I applied ice as soon as I noticed it, layed off PE for 2 days and it was gone.

Anyway lesson learned is just like when u hit something and apply ice to not make a blood clot, do the same with your dick…as soon as you see/ feel one of these things apply ice to it and lay off PE for a couple of days.

Thank you for sharing, Headtrauma, but it’s ‘I’, not ‘i’ when speaking of yourself, just to say. :)

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