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DMSO + Iodine Experimental Treatment for Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid

Also, I’d like to add that I’ve been using the DMSO and iodine since 14 Mar 14 and it’s made my dick cold and it kind of shrivels up.

After a few years, I’m back.

I get my iodine from iodinesource. The guy is really nice and he actually taught the guys at nascent.

I’m out of DMSO. I’ve got a few questions.

The 16oz bottle on Amazon is in a plastic bottle. This is the one that I used. Is there any real benefit to getting the glass bottle from the DMSO guys? It seems to be a lot more expensive.

Regarding the comment of porn addiction. Yes, I think that may be a route cause for a lot of us here. Time to join the detox thread.

Is it possible to have sex with soft glans?

Mixing in MgCl2 and E with DMSONascent

Amazing thread.

I have some intermittent HF, but am really here b/c of Peyronie’s (scar tissue). DMSO is mentioned occasionally, but as has been stated here throughout, corporate medical restrictions undermine public awareness regarding anything remotely alternatively/non-commercially exploitable.

So, I’m going to try it. There have been intermittent mentions of magnesium and Vit E mixed into the mixture. A blog post re: peyronie’s says that he simply poured the contents of gelcaps of Vit E into the mix. Will this work at all? If so, is it still suboptimal to some lotion/liquid form? Which form of mag and vit e would I want then? Also - I want oral iodine, right? And what difficulties mixing in the aloe (more lotiony?) form of DMSO with liquids?

I believe Tweaking posted relatively early in the thread, when he first started switching to multiple daily applications, that as soon as he saw the stain had gone away, he would generally use that as a sign it was ok to reapply? Is that correct?

Also -is there a form of nascent I can get without the ethanol/alcohol? If not, which is the best non-alcohol form of iodine to use? Last - pure/distilled water preferable to tap water?

I appreciate any help - I know that is a lot of questions. For anyone that can take the time to answer some of them, I am prioritizing efficacy/potency before price. This seriously needs to be highlighted more around Peyronie’s community. I will be sure to update with my progress here.


Anything you do regarding peyronies you need to do daily for as long as it takes.

Acetyl l carnitine with dmso.
vitaminc c with dmso.
vit e with dmso.
msm with dmso.
iodine with dmso.
magnesium with dmso.
Apply all of them once a day but from time to time switch up and do something more and something less. Get everything in the most bioavailable form.Mixing all together is possible but some might interact.

make glasses with solutions and apply them unto a clean white cloth. Wrap around your dick soaked with the solution. Wrap a dmso safe plastic wrap around it.
I do clamp my dick lightly during the first 10 minutes to avoid the supps to go systemical and stay with my dick.
Apply as often as possible and keep the skin moist between applications cause any big skin irritations will stop further applications.
Using at most 80% dmso is for me a good way to avoid skin irritation. Star slow with maybe a 10 minute application.

My experience is that the plagues get softer and will get smaller over a long time. All the above supps are said to help with scar tissue and fibrous plagues.
Whenever I stop application for more then one day they get hard again.

Add Ubiquinol oral therapy and everything that is good vs. scars. Enzymes on empty stomach might help too (bromelaine, nattokinase, serrapeptase).

Keep your dick always with blood circulation. healthy fresh blood.
You have to be in a good health state. Good blood circulation. Read about alkaline food.

Your pelvic floor needs to be relaxed. aim for 100’% relaxation. ( light reverse kegels. Every tenseness needs to go)
I think thats what HF is about and some pages back it is maybe explained.

Stretch your dick lightly and look out for any tenseness you can let go during that.
Dont pinch the plagues and refrain from hard masturbation or sex. Massage of the plagues might be ok

I do all that but Its hard to keep up and progress is slow with peyronies.
If I get rid of my plagues within 3 years of daily applications Im happy.

Is alkaline food good or bad? I happen to eat a highly acidic diet.

Thank for the thoroughness of your post.

I’ve been taking oral e/c/flish oil/acetyl carnitine/arginine for a couple months. But I guess it should be topical via DMSO, huh?

Edit: can’t find topical acetyl carnitine, are you just mixing in the contents of the oral? (And also for many of the others?)

It would be really useful for someone with great understanding of chemistry to consider all possible interactions from your post.

Also - MSM achieves (is the same as?) sulphur salts? Sorry for so many posts.

Acetyl L seems to be the only non-liquid. Good news.

Looks to me after brief research that MSM achieves whatever sulphur salts might. So to supplement those topicals you listed and my existing orals, I’d add oral MSM w/iodine.

And a liver health/cleanse pill with some milk thistle, jesus.

Originally Posted by
Is alkaline food good or bad? I happen to eat a highly acidic diet.

Thank for the thoroughness of your post.

I’ve been taking oral e/c/flish oil/acetyl carnitine/arginine for a couple months. But I guess it should be topical via DMSO, huh?

Edit: can’t find topical acetyl carnitine, are you just mixing in the contents of the oral? (And also for many of the others?)

alkaline good.acidic bad. read up on google.

Problem with oral route is that most of it wont reach the tunica and the plague. You need to have high levels of it for all day everyday.
It doesnt hurt but its highly inneffective. But some like ubiquinol you need to use oral cause you cant push it through the skin with dmso(cause it weighs too much)
If the plague is already calcified and hard then your body solved it already in “his” opinion.

This is also the reason why you want a good blood flow to your penis.
A inflammation in a muscle at your biceps is easily solved as it has high blood flow to it.
Optimal would be to put the plague into a bottle of the supps. It would dissolve within days or weeks.
So a cloth with supps +dmso is the best and practic to do I guess.

Acetyl l carnitine powder(in bulk or open the capsule) is easily dissolved in dmso.

You have to be carefull with dmso and read some google pages about it.

You can search for the supps and put a “scar” “fibrous” “plague” into google and you see what it supposes to do.

Maybe a mod can combine your posts. You can only edit within 10 minutes.

How do you mix cream DMSO with liquid solutions?

So the only DMSO with aloe vera I can find is in cream form. How do I combine this to make liquid solutions? Or, will the cream mix with liquid like iodine, or powder like MSM/acetyl-carnitine?

Is there a DMSO with aloe vera in more liquid form?

Even in 99% DMSO, is that more liquid? There is no alcohol in the DMSO, and the DMSO does not cause possible stinging, right - that the iodine? So liquid DMSO with iodine without alcohol should minimize the stinging?

Thank you.

Is this brand legit?…a/dp/B001GZ314A

It appears more fly-by-nighty than the cream brand:…=dmso+aloe+vera

Even better I think?:…CFSxk7AodHRMAbg

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Obscenely cheap DMSO, other link: Legit?

E-commerce setup is straight out of 1997. But the price for a gallon of the 70/30 AV liquid: $60.

I suppose the domain name lends credibility, to be superficial?

Is there such a thing as nascent iodine without alcohol? Or does it have to be Lugol’s, then?

Lugol’s stings, even tho no alc? Or is that wrong. Want to maximize effectiveness/minimize stinging harshness.

I will just go with Cayceconcepts and be super safe re: stinging/burning off skin. Thinking 4 drops dmso, 2 iodine, 1 mag oil per application to start. 2 days off for every 5 on. 4-5 days after first 3 weeks.. Calibrate accordingly based on how it actually feels. Would be useful to get people’s thoughts on dmso. Net and the gallon vat of 70/30 DMSO/AV liquid.


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