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DMSO + Iodine Experimental Treatment for Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid

Ok sorry for the quadruple post, but I just read through this entire thread… holy crap.

Is anyone still doing this stuff? No replies in here since October 2012.

Anyway more questions… what’s the protocol for cleaning instruments when using this stuff? Mix the iodine and DMSO in a separate container, and then apply it with a separate syringe too? Then just rinse the syringe and container daily?

To answer your questions I think it would work for discoloration, or rather I remember reading in this thread somewhere that someone successfully used it to do so. If I were you I wouldn’t bother with this process unless you think you have scar tissue in your penis. As far as I can tell, that’s all its good for as far as penis health. Though there are definitely other benefits to iodine supplementation as you’re probably seen and yes applying it to your penis would benefit your entire body (it doesn’t matter where its applied or if its taken orally).

I’m really not sure whether I have scar tissue or not. I have done some very very intense clamping so it’s possible, and I have the same deflated glans and CS as some other people here. So I think it’s worth a shot, and I’ve already ordered the stuff.

How is it working for you right now? You’ve been doing this for a while now haven’t you?

I stopped doing it ages ago. The problem is entirely muscular/neuromusclular. Some of the benefits of iodine supplementation may give a small amount of relief from the HF symptoms but it won’t fix it at all.

Can I ask what DMSO you used? I just got my stuff and have a couple problems with it:

1) It says on the back “not approved for human use”, lol… that seems a bit unsafe.

2) There are other warnings on it… I don’t have the bottle with me now though so I forget exactly what they say.

3) The stuff is fucking frozen. I looked up the freezing point and it’s 19 degrees celsius (66 F). It’s winter here now so it’s cold, but I think it’s above 19 in my house. Did you have a problem with it freezing?

Anyway, I think I gotta do a bit more research before putting this stuff on my cock. Did you ever try just the iodine on your cock?

Ok edit to the above:

I’ve done some reading on the Amazon reviews and found some answers. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my bottle since it’s frozen, but apparently that’s common and it’s ok to just heat it up.

Also about the “not for human use”:

“Don’t over react for one. It has to say “not for human use” as DMSO is not FDA approved in this country. The other 1% is pure water and free sulfide—-I have been using this for three years with great success at a 70% DMSO to 30% water mix. I have been a DMSO user for 25 years “

The fact that it’s frozen is a good thing as it implies it is of a high purity. As long as you keep all the areas you intend to use the DMSO on clean, it is perfectly safe.

Ok thanks for the reply. I tried it for the first time last night, so we’ll see how it goes.

I have tried this solution for 8 days now and have not had any change in color or pealing. I am cut, but don’t think that should make any difference.

What have been the experiences of others lately?

Are there any long-term users of DMSO on the Penis, and have their been any side effects ?

I have been using the iodine/DMSO mix for over two years. I use it primarily to prevent scare tissue build up resulting from Trimix injections. I have not noticed any scar tissue build nor have I experienced any adverse side effects. When I first started using it, it did help reverse discoloration do to my pumping routine and I have not experienced any discoloration since I started using it.

I also apply it to a small growth on my wrist which has now been almost completely eliminated.

I apply it with the dropper that came with the iodine and take no special precautions other than washing my hands.

Originally Posted by goforit
I have tried this solution for 8 days now and have not had any change in color or pealing. I am cut, but don’t think that should make any difference.
What have been the experiences of others lately?

Same for me… maybe it only works if you have scar tissue buildup or something. I didn’t have any change in colour either though.

As mentioned above, I used a mixture of Lugol’s iodine with DMSO (1:2) several years ago which successfully reversed the discoloration on my glans due to pumping. After about four days of twice daily application, a thin layer of skin pealed off which lighted the discoloration significantly. About a weak later, it pealed again and all the discoloration disappeared. I continue to apply it and the discoloration has not returned.

However, about two months ago, I had some discoloration around the area of the frenulum resulting from a VacExtender and this discoloration has not been reversed with the iodine/DMSO. My mixture is now over a year old so this may have affected it’s effectiveness. Also, the VacExtender may have caused a deeper discoloration than the discoloration caused by the pump. The frenulum discoloration has now been mostly reversed after not using the VacExtender for two months. I can not say if the improvement is a result the mixture or natural healing over time.

I also started applying it to another growth on my hand about three months ago and the growth has been reduced in size so there is still some active ingredients in my mixture.

I am currently experimenting with this treatment and report any success or knowledge gained based on my trial.

Are there any other users still trying this or have anything to report?

I bought a bottle of DMSO but I guess you cant use it like that. I have permanent discoloration from autoextender. my glans got pretty ugly from that device, so after I found out that I cant use it anymore I just trow it away and stopped PE completely. Havent done any PE ever since, I never got results from manual PE exercises, only vacuum extender worked but destroyed my glans. i thought its better to stop than kill my penis completely. My stats have probably got down, I havent measured it over a year. Dont know if I start PE someday again when equipment got better (if they ever do) but I havent had any sex for many years and maybe I never do, its pretty useless with small penis anyway.

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