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DMSO + Iodine Experimental Treatment for Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid

Wow very promising stuff guys.
I also have the hardflaccid/contracting pelvic muscles/poor erections and have been having some success in terms of erection strength by taking a mixture of fish oils, l-carnitine, magnesium and vitamins etc (tackling it as an inflammation problem whereby the penis is unable to repair itself). By the looks of it though, this dmso+iodine mixture could be the solution we have all been waiting for. It also seems the most immediate, hands on method. Hope we are onto something here.

Say I was to buy this mixture as a UK resident where would be the best/cheapest place ?


Apparently you obtaining DMSO in UK has been difficult. Although you could order from Amazon.COM or

As for Iodine, I was using the Nascent Iodine, but have switched to Phil’s Iodine from Lugol’s Iodine is fine too.

Basically you are looking for detoxified oral iodine. Preferably made to Edgar Cayce’s specifications.

Well I’ve just used the last few pennies of my student savings in a last ditch attempt to fix this shit which has made my life a misery for the past two years.
Purchased 99.8% DMSO ( best I could find within uk for a good price ) and Nascent Iodine ( damn expensive stuff ) however money is obviously not an issue if it fixes this shit.

Are you guys aware of the website ‘’ ? These guys seem to mirror the exact symptoms I have, just wanted to confirm it is the same ‘firmflaccid’ problem on this site as has been described on and and not something different.
Also it seems everybody who has tried this method has had some degree of success, and some with more than 100% success (x10d). So we must be on to something here.

The question is, why was this solution not discovered earlier and just how many people have tried it ? Just a few numbers on this board, or in other places as well ?

Also phantasm, what problems were you ‘suffering’ from before you started the dmso/iodine ?

I haven’t seen anyone outside of a handful of users in this thread, on this forum, using any combination of DMSO or iodine applied directly to the penis.

I’m also coming to think that, since some people have only deflated glans/CS and some only with the firm flaccid, but many with both, that there are actually two things going on here, that happen to affect one another. I feel the firm flaccid is largely caused in some way by dysfunction in the pelvic floor muscles, whether it be hormonal, neurological or muscular tension (the latter being the most likely in most cases I believe). The deflated glans, I feel, is more likely to be caused by physical damage or penile dysfunction resulting from some type of scar tissue present, which this treatment seems to dissolve.

I believe the glans get it’s blood engorgement from the corpus spongiosum, the penile cavity on the underside of the penis. May be more of the iodine should be concentrated there.

You can see a detailed list of what I was(am) suffering from, yet overcoming, here DMSOIodine for Hair Regrowth

Sparkyx and everyone: I’ve been doing iodine painting on various parts of my body and have found that different areas absorb the iodine at vastly different rates.

Apparently, if the iodine stain does not disappear after 4 hours, there may be a blockage of some sort, possibly toxins, that need to be released. Hence the sulphur salts.

I’m am forgoing any internal Iodine for the remainder of this week and just doing the Iodine painting.

What I have noticed is that the glans, which is really an internal structure, absorbs iodine at a very high rate.

I also noticed that even the shaft of the penis will absorb DMSO/Iodine where there may be scar tissue.

Currently I’m spraying a couple of times on the shaft while in an ADS device.

I will be ordering some Dessicated Thyroid to assist as my NORMAL body temperature is around 97.4. More information on this is as the link above.

Will keep you all posted.

Hey guys, is there a brand that can be used both oraly and topicaly. I am asking because some of said that you drink this stuff, so is it the same stuff that put on the skin?

I’ve been using the nascent iodine + dmso. But with the alcohol inside of it, it’s very harsh. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to be combining the dmso and alcohol no matter how good detoxified iodine or nascent is orally… So I’m going to be changing over to lugols which is alcohol free.

Originally Posted by phantasm
I use Phil’s Iodine.
I was using Nascent Iodine. I got that from Amazon.

Was this post in response to k233g976’s message asking if the Iodine used orally and on the body is the same? Not sure if it is or not, could you please clear this up?

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Yes this is in response to the orally used iodine.

Regarding the alcohol. Yes I think that it is what stings.

DMSO/Iodine mixture.
The DMSO doesn’t smell as bad in the mixture. The sprayed area seems to peel just as much though.

I’m not sure if it’s the DMSO, the Iodine, or the alcohol that is causing the peeling. Perhaps a combination.

I’ve been spraying on the shaft and sitting in the ADS device. So far erections ARE stronger. I am not using any cialis or viagra at the moment.

Put some iodine on my arm and my lower abdomen today, both faded within one hour ! I read that if it fades under 8 hours you are very deficient.

How long have others iodine stains lasted ?

Ok I tested it out with the lugols solution and dmso. The sting is greatly reduced, but there’s still some (maybe a little from the dmso and iodine itself). I’m gonna stick with this for the treatment.

Apparently if the the stain fades within an hour, you are deficient.
If it is still there after 4 hours. You are fine.

If, however, the stain persists. It may be that there is some heavy metal or halogen toxicity and that needs to be cleared out.
This is the case with myself. I am using sulphur salts to do just that.


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