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So I started stretching as the newbie routine suggest, and I developed darker skin on the top of my penis, from the middle to the tip of my foreskin.
It’s been this way 6months, so I guess it’s permanent.
I took a break immediately, but since it hasn’t disappeared, I guess I’m F’ed?

Is there ways to get my penis back to normal colour all over?
Also will continuing now, bring more discolouring and the area will eventually look like frost bite type dark?

If you could post a pic, that would help. Are you sure it cam from stretching? Where you stretching erect, perhaps?

No pic atm.

Well, all I did was normal stretch and a few 40% erect jelqers, nothing hardcore:\

Erect wet-jelqs or erect dry-jelqs? You used to much pressure, anyway. It sould like bursted veins. You don’t feel numbness or ED, right?

No numbness or ED no.

Is it fixable ?

I always understood that discoloration was normal. I mean it was never a big deal to me, since I’m not huge on cosmetics, and all about the big picture instead.

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