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Discoloration - WTF?

Discoloration - WTF?

The skin on the base of my unit is getting some dark blotchy patches on it. I suspect that it may be stretch marks from hanging and the rapid skin re-growth. Is there good way to get these suckers to go away?

Last night my wife looked at me getting out of the shower and said “OMG what are those dark spots on your penis?” Since she doesn’t know about my PE I had to get creative and quickly change the topic. I purposely keep my PE from her because she is a disbeliever and until I get my 2” or her acknowelgdement I’m not about to bring it up. I like the element of surprise and challenge.

Back to the topic…..Who has any info on what this may be and how to deal with it.



I also have some discoloration. Mine is on the bottom right behind the glans. Also, I have noticed that from about 1.5 inches from my pubes to my glans, the entire shaft is faintly purplish red. I have been using some cocoa butter on both places and this seems to be working pretty well.

Happy hangin!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Do you think that this is a “permanent” scarring of the skin? I’ve heard some people are more susceptible to getting stretch marks than others.


I’m not sure. I agree that some people are more succeptible to stretch marks than others. If it is permanent, the cocoa butter should help. If not, the cocoa butter won’t hurt. Maybe some of the veterans might have an idea?


p.s. My wife also doesn’t know that I PE. My unit has looked pretty narley (sp?) at times and she has seen it and said nothing. I’ve been tempted to tell her, but I, like you, would rather wait and show her the results. Skeptics abound in this world and there’s nothing like a good “I told you so” when you show them that it not only could be done, but actually was!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

The wife

It’s funny, because when I started PE my wife would ask me, “what are you doing in the bathroom for so long?” She was speculating that I was masturbating. So I decided to unload the whole PE concept on her which she couldn’t handle at all. She honestly thought that if I kept doing it that I was some sick-o pervert who needs to have my head examined, and that it was disgusting. Needless to say, if I kept doing PE with her knowing it could very well comprimise our personal and sexual relationship. Kind of ironic. It would make for a good episode of Seinfield. “… keep doing PE and then then you don’t get the sex….but you need the PE to make the sex better?” I thought that one of the benefits of PE was to better your sex life???? God, if I could figure this one out I’d be writing books and making millions. LOL!!!

Seriously Jelqtoid, it’s nice to know some else out there thinks along the same lines as I do. Thanks for the help.


the wife

yes well one night I worked the old fella up pretty good, and the next day I had red spots as you get when you have over done it.
all over my cock..
my wife saw them and freaked out, ’ what the fuck is that”
“did you fuck someone last night”???..ahhahaha
I said no of course not, ” so what the fuck is that then”..
don’t fucking lie to me!!!!

so I had to come clean..I mean who is going to make a story like that!..ahahahaha
so now she also things I am some sick wierdo who loves his cock more than anything.ahahaahaha..
then she why do you want a bigger cock anyway?..
she says” so you ccan go and show it to other girls and have affairs???….hahahhah I said of course not..It’s for you honey..
“she said..well I don’t need any bigger so stop fucking lying!!
thats my wife for ya…

the wife

That’s pretty good Earth Walker!! You crack me up! LOL!

My wife threw all the “affair” crap in my face also. I took it a step further and told her that I was trying to match up the to the size of the 8 x 6 dildo she has in her night stand. It was her “instant” man before she met me and ultamately my goal for size. Talk about a representative object to compare yourself to. That makes me realize I’ve still got a lot of work to do.

Honestly, I think she would like me to have a bigger cock, even though she says “it’s fine”. I think she’s afraid to tell me though. She’s not much for the brutal truth. But that’s OK. The gains I’ve made with PE has already begun to rock her world!!!!


Well man, if youre really concerned with the cosmetics of your penis..just my opinion…you man want to be very careful as to what types of PE you do….hanging weights and jelqing/squeezing exercises are the most likely to cause discoloration. Check out my pic in the pics area. I dont think discoloration of some sort is avoidable with those exercises. Youre gonna get it somewhere…on the glans, on the shaft…somewhere and mine at least is permanent.


Good point. Thanks.

I don’t have a clue as to the splotches, but I can address the other.

I have been a partner in PE since the very beginning. 403 has been doing this for US. I encourage the guys that ask me if they should tell their wives to do so. Keeping secrets only breeds mistrust and suspicion. I can understand where the wives are coming from, now you job is to convince her, since you did keep it secret, that it is for her pleasure and enjoyment.

If she throws a hissy (fit) then continue the way you are. Seeing is believing, remember that.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


hey sunshine..

how much you gained over how many years then?

Hey Earthwalker,

Go check out sunny’s profile, and the pic that I posted in the BS forum… In case you haven’t figured it out, she’s my spouse of 23 years… She hasn’t gained anything except a better endowed hubby from PE. She also posted pics under the thread Ladies, Help. Go take a look.


Speed costs money... So how fast do ya wanna go?


Did we ever come up with a reason for this or a way to get rid of it I have it right on the top of my cock shaft in the middle it’s just slightly darker. It don’t look bad I kinda of like it.


There have been a couple of ways talked about for removing the dark bruiselike discoloration. Bib’s concept is that it isn’t bruising (which makes sense cause it doesn’t heal) but fluid trapped in the wrong part of the penis after being force through membranes under pressure. Thunders thread is which contains Bib’s comments is [url= here. Also 2in2002 revived TroyT8’s massaging for discoloration in this thread, which contains some very good info. The best advice is obviously to do as much as possible to avoid discoloration in the first place :)

I honelstly think it is from internal bleeding, which would go along with what bib is saying I think. I had some early on that went away. But I later aquired some more and it seems to be sticking around. I dont think it is to be taken lightly. I am pretty sure that I got my discoloration as a combination of lack of warm up and horse440s sqeezes. If you guys could tell us what you think would be the cause of yours, we coulc avoid it all together. What are you routines like.

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