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Difficulties Getting and Keeping Erection

Difficulties Getting and Keeping Erection

First I do not know if this is psychological or physical.

But my penis does feel “tired” lately.

I have a very low libido lately, I used to watch porn every day and did exercises a lot (jelq, clamp, pump).

I am still doing my exercises but have no interest in porn, and when I watch it, stuff that used to make me rock hard only gives me a semi, but at the same time I don’t feel mentally horny, but I don’t know which came first.

I have been with 2 girls lately and have got erections with both of them, but not rock hard like normal, maybe 90% erections I would say, half way through fucking them it went down to about 50%, I was able to get it back to about 90% to finish with both of them, but at the same time, I didn’t feel crazy horny.

I have never felt like this, I typically masturbate daily, now it feels like I could go weeks.

Does anyone know if there are techniques to figure out if its psychological or physical?

Anyone else have this? Should I expect this condition to resolve on its own? Should I stop PE’ing?

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Have you checked your testosterone levels?

A very good way to determine is it organic or psychological is nocturnal and morning erections. Observe if they are full. Also can you maintain a full erection without applying any pressure on the penis? These are two good indicators.

I would stop PE ASAP if I were you. Once I stopped I got much of my erectability back and regular morning wood too.

I think I had morning wood this morning, its hard to tell for me because when I wake up I am so tired that reality is often not reality, it could have been I imagined/dreamed I had morning wood, odds are 50/50 on this… so I surfed xvideos till I found a video I kind of liked and eventually got an erection without touching my penis, this erection lasted about 5-10 seconds and was probably 90-95% until it died down and then I couldn’t get it up again, 10 minutes later I was able to find another video I liked enough to get me to about 85%, then I started imagining being with real girls and was able to get it to 95%, I stroked it for about 1-2 minutes and was able to stay around 90-95% but I need to continue visualizing BEING with girls.

There feels like there is some sort constriction at the base of my penis, like where my ligs are, I don’t know if this is just tiredness from PE or if this is actually some lasting constriction that I have caused from PE that is hindering my erections.

lo_ri_der, is the only way to get testosterone levels checked is by going to do a doctor?

2010.02: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-1/2" Beg

2010.06: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-3/4" Beg

Yeah, as far as I know that is the only way. It is a really simple blood test, only takes about a minute.


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