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Did you ever break your ligs?

Did you ever break your ligs?

Firstly, I want you to know I’m not a newbie (started in 2008, and exclusively manual PE) and am very careful performing every exercise; furthermore, I had a couple of lig pops in the past, so I could almost assure you what happened to me wasn’t a pop (though, I’m no expert). Lastly, in case this was asked before, I apologize to duplicate threads; I would be grateful if someone post me the link .

That said, I will tell you what happened to me that really made me wonder:
I started hanging with my homemade Vac-Hanger with 8 pounds during one month in SU, later in SD position, and the last 2 months in a BTC position, assisted with an IR lamp for the first 20 minutes, then the subsequent 40 minutes of the total 1 hour routine swiveling my body until I could hang oblique BTC, (that is, tilting until I reached a 45 degrees position of the standard BTC, which is 90 degrees, o.k.?), first to the right, then to
the left side, and finally back to the standard BTC.

Since I wasn’t gaining, three days ago I tried adding some basic MANUAL stretches AT THE END of the hanging sessions. (O.K. I don’t know if this was overkill, but remember I wasn’t gaining, so a little testing was on order). Finally, This is what occurred to me:

I was going thru a SU, SO, thirdly a BTC manual stretch (under the left buttock, and fourthly under the right buttock) when my right hand suddenly shifted forth an inch or so; at the same time I heard a strange noise (like when you rip up your shirt with a nail: I hope you get the picture).
It wasn’t painful when it happened nor afterwards, neither it was the following day.
Let me say this to you, I really got scared when my ligs (apparently) broke; and I was totally fu@ked up when my willy afterwards tilted completely to the right when i released it! “oh my God, what have I done?” was my first thought; but after carefully inspecting my pubic area with my fingers, I couldn’t find something wrong (looking back now, what could I expect to find? I’m no doctor!)

Of course I finished my session after this, anyhow I immediately strapped my homemade Vac-Ads on, trying to prevent that my injured ligs heal in a retracted state; YES, I know I was taking chances, but don’t know why, I felt (and hoped) ADS’ing was the best decision to take.

NOTE: This Thread was written wishing someone could advise me (and of course others by reading this) about what to do if something similar happens.

Some Questions that came to my mind right now:

1) If you had the same experience, and received medical advise, could you be so kind to share it with us?

2) Same as above, could you later go on with your routine as nothing happened? (if not, what did you alter in your routine?)

3) Did you drop some exercises (because of pain, perhaps?).


A lot of people had the same experience , this is ligpop effect, personaly I hate this feeling and this noise, some people says that is’nt an injury and it’s godd sign…I try to avoid this noise.

I have to agree it was probably a harmless lig pop. They usually occur during a straight down forceful stretch.

Breaking a ligament from stretching is extremely hard to do. We have a pic around here somewhere if a guy hanging his entire body weight from his cock. Ligaments are very strong.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

This may not be a lig pop though…

Can you explain how your erection looks right now, does it hurt when you hang now?

Explain more about why you think there is ligament damage.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Thanx guys, I was so concerned about it…but as the days went by, it hurted a bit less every day. Like I think it wasn’t a lig pop though: remember I had lig pops in the past.
On second thought, maybe it could be, who knows, I’m not a doctor, as I told you before…

thanx again

Originally Posted by Herballist
This may not be a lig pop though…

Can you explain how your erection looks right now, does it hurt when you hang now?

Explain more about why you think there is ligament damage.

I remember now: the very next day I did a 30 minutes edging session, with a (maybe) 90% boner at the end of my hanging routine. Maybe if it was torn ligaments, I couldn’t do it, right?
My erection is the same it was before, Don’t worry!
‘Til now I wasn’t able to hang (or stretch) to te left, because of a stinging pain (it is lessening day by day)

thanx Herballist!

So do ligs repair themselves if they pop?

Happened to me last week. No good nor bad PI. Hey, where are you from?.


Thanks, nice tread

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Originally Posted by shortshorts
So do ligs repair themselves if they pop?

Yeah, my ligs reset back to how they were in about an hour - then I re-pop them again lol.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Originally Posted by 8inchM
Hey, where are you from?.

what country could be considered tango paradise? :rolleyes:
pssst! don’t turn back! I am next to you! :)

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ok time for upgrade:

I’m fine now (pain dissapeared completely)
maybe it healed completely by now, i don’t know…I am grateful again to all!


ARGENTINA!!! Nice avatar, you should post more to spread that beauty :p .


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