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Did Not Know I Got A Scar Tissue , Help Please


Well there is a lot of information to cover going to give every option a chance .

Thank you very much guys for your replies , and thank geo3 for your time , im wondering if you gained anymore at that damaged area since you got it revived .

improvement but not gone

Just saw you final post, haven’t been active here in some time, so, query any gain in damaged area… the plaque is gone but it left it’s calling card in a area of “reduced” diameter about 4 inches down the shaft, it’s where my attempts to fix have failed. The PE I have been doing has increased the girth of the upper shaft near the glans down to where the “dent” is and I think just accentuates the non symmetric shape on the right looking from above. A sideways look is like a healthy straight shafted penis but it is still bending slightly to the right from above, not near what it was 4 years ago though. So my approach right now in trying to get the dent to break down or smooth out by using some clamping of the area and doing the Angion method massage ideas by concentrating the creation of new vascularity in and around the dent with clamping accentuating the area being massaged. I’m hoping that new vessels may open up the area with increased blood volume. A work in progress 4 sure.

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