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Diagnosing an injury

Diagnosing an injury

Hey guys, I believe there is something wrong but I cannot make sense of the symptoms. About a year ago I was edging while masturbating and think I held it too long because I remember a distinct popping feeling on the left side of my penis. Since then I haven’t felt the same and my penis hasn’t acted the same. I could really use help.

I have the following symptoms:
-The left testicle side seems noticeably darker than the right. It also feels a bit smaller.
-My balls do not have the same ability to contract when I get hard or even when it’s cold.
-I don’t have the tingling feeling on the tip of the penis that tells you when to urinate, I just go by when my stomach feels full.
-There is a small bump on the bottom of the penis head that is very sensitive to the touch. If i touch it I get a sensation on the left side of my stomach. This bump gets rubbed when I masturbate and it causes me to cum without trying.
-The left testicle feels heavier and seems to gravitate underneath the right one
-I have trouble starting a stream of pee.
-When completely flaccid the left side of my penis will often times be hard and feel inflamed. The entire left side of my testicles and penis is the only side affected.
-Unless I have a full-on erection my penis curves to the left when hard, which it never did.
-There is no pain

Because doctors are so expensive I have done some research and have some theories as to what is wrong:
-Epididymitis because of the fact that it only effects one side.
-Varicocele because the left side of my testicles will sometimes feel like a “bag of worms”. Although I did have an ultrasound and it came back normal.
-Peyronie’s because of the hard spot and curvature.

Just looking to be pointed in the right way, thanks for reading guys.

I have been to a urologist and a GP and they just confused me more. It’s pointless to go without insurance.

Perhaps. I am not looking for a complete diagnosis online, obviously. Thunders is a great resource with lots of knowledge gained through experiences. Maybe someone has experienced or read about similar symptoms.

There’s only so much one can do through a forum. Without actually seeing it and running tests, we’re very limited.

I’ll throw out some ideas:
- One testicle hanging lower than the other is very common. And it’s usually the left one that is lower.
- Varicocele: I doubt it. This doesn’t seem like it could affect an erection.
- You noticed changes in your erection and automatically linked that to the pop you heard. I assume you do PE, correct? If that’s the case then how do you know PE didn’t cause it? Curves have been corrected with PE. No reason why they couldn’t be formed by PE. Perhaps the pop (which I’m guessing was a lig) just made you inspect the area more carefully and that’s when you noticed these changes, not that the pop actually caused it.

A similar experience? It kind of sound likes MrNilsen’s issue.

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