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Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Originally Posted by Bobandvaginpls
All you guys should keep in mind that there may also be a varicose/varicocele that is causing the damage.
My theory is that blood can’t get out of the penis because the pressure in the veins isn’t strong enough, so blood gets stuck in the penis, the body is left without blood.
Thus, next time you have an erection the arteries will tighten, the veins will get even less pressure and the whole process will repeat itself.
Varicoceles are common in 20% of males, although they don’t get severe until a major trauma happens.
Keep in mind that the penis can have varicose veins too.

For the bottom line, I would say that in most cases it is the varicocele and some sort of trauma which are causing the problem.
(By the way, I do have a varicocele, but, as I said the varicocele may not be the main/only issue for me, yet my penis has also shrunk by 0.5 in length and 0.5 in girth in the last two months and I prob will get it embolized).

For anyone worrying about their varicocele if they have one, this is absolute rubbish.

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I’ve been going through some of this firm flaccid horror for the last 1.5 years. A cold and shriveled penis that even hurts if you do not massage it several times throughout the day to get some blood to it. Pills, herbs, and even testosterone aren’t helping, only new girlfriends, and only sometimes.

One thing that I found works like a temporary but very powerful vasodilator is alprostadil gel. It appears to be banned in the US now, but I had a stash of it since ~2012. It is meant to be injected to the inside of the urethra. Gross, but very effective.

The only currently available FDA approved form of alprostadil is called MUSE. It is sold as urethral suppositories. I have not tried it, but I do not like that its dosage appears to be fixed and non-adjustable.

Alprostadil injections are also possible, but way gross, unless this is your last resort. Then do it.

With my alprostadil gel stash running low, I have tried other methods. The only one that I found effective is very-very slow massage of the entire penis, from the perineum to the glans, through the clothes. A hand pressure through the clothes appears to dissipate more evenly and over a larger area, moving the blood more effectively up the shaft and to the glans. Do it in one direction, very slow but with a constant and steady hand pressure. Spend more time slowly near the perineum than the shaft. If you notice the glans slightly inflate as the end of each stroke, then you are doing it right. Do not overdo it. Rather, do it only for as long as it feels good, and do not exceed that pressure. This is just a massage, not a PE exercise.


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