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Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The thing about Bikram yoga is it is done in 45 degree heat, which allows you to stretch far further than would ordinarily be possible. Furthermore, proper yoga is no ordinary stretching, it is an ancient process that has thousands of years of wisdom within its teachings.

C’mon guys, haven’t we had enough of this pelvic floor theory? What we have is common is agressive actions on our penis, not our pelvic floor.

I would love to discard the pelvic floor theory, if there was a reason to do so and I don’t think “C’mon guys” is an adequate reason… If you look around the internets, there are plenty of guys who don’t even know what PE is who have exactly the same firm flaccid symptoms. Not to mention the fact that conscious relaxation of the pelvic floor area, for me at least, immediately relieves the firm flaccid, which literally normalises before your eyes, when the relaxation is done properly. The problem I feel is that that state of relaxation should be normal, not something that needs to be consiously forced, therein being the problem.

The deflated glans issue I now consider a separate issue, and one where I agree pelvic floor tension is not the cause, however, I do think the pelvic floor stuff can alter the symptoms of the deflated glans, thus all the confusion.

You have no “adequate reason” to consider PF the reason. It is just a theory. If you look at the anatomical scetches you’ll see the pelvic floor encircles the penile chambers and thus it is normal for it to influence flaccid hang, whether one is injured or not.

IMO this is (a) venous leakage or (b) nerve injury, and I’m leaning towards the second one.

As you say, it is still a theory that pelvic floor tension is the culprit, VL or or nerve injury haven’t been ruled out. But no one’s really talking about them at the moment because there isn’t really anything new to say. If it’s nerve damage, then we’re probably boned. If it’s venous leakage, then short of a ligation surgery which won’t last, or a brand-new experimental DDV-tucking surgery, we probably also boned, unless the DMSO/I treatment starts working for FF, which I don’t see that it has.

I’m happy to discuss VL or nerve injury, do you have any observational, diagnostic or therapeutic suggestions?

I was just trying to be realistic. I haven’t seen this forum before, I’ll check it out.

My thinking can be summed up like this:
if you have trouble getting up but not maintaining an erection - it’s nerve injury,
and if you have trouble maintaining an erection - it’s venous leakage.
All flaccid changes are irrelevant, only side-effects of altered penile state.

Originally Posted by Owen33

All flaccid changes are irrelevant, only side-effects of altered penile state.

I think that is a jump in logic.

Ok let’s put it this way. Do you think, have you ever heard of, urologists asking “what’s your flaccid like”?


Originally Posted by Tweaking
I don’t know if you’ve seen this site, but pretty much the entire community over here think the firm flaccid is strongly related to pelvic floor tension:

Thank you for posting this! Obitoo is doing a great job over there from what I have seen so far.

I am almost positive MY FF is caused my pelvic tension. It is either that or venous leak. Perhapes venous leaks caused by pelvic tension. Either way, I have much reading to do over there.

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Edit to the above:

Got a warning? that I better plan to see a doctor or I won’t be able to post there anymore. I guess I will be a lurker until I can manage a doctor visit.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

I think that request is fair and necessary.

Obitoo is quite a stern fellow, but that doesn’t hurt one bit. Someone had to organize the rabble into some kind of sense - he’s probably done more for this cause than any other non-professional. Given the structure of that forum, it is best not to contribute unless you definitely have useful information to share. I learnt that on my first post.

I’m in the process of an attempt to read through all the material on the site and compile all novel information or theories in note form, which I’m keeping as a doc at the moment, that i’ll eventually post hopefully. It’s gonna take a while…

As much as I really don’t like the fact that I wont be able to post, I like it too. It will cut out a lot of the useless posts. I have many hours of reading over there too. I really should see if I have any insurance and/or how much a visit to the doctor would cost. I seriously don’t think it can happen yet though.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP


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