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Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Originally Posted by kdong
It seems that soft-glans priapism may be related to MDMA or MDXX use.…00_dublin_1.pdf

Tweaking, you stated you had a “major wank session” while rolling. Depending on how long it took you to finish during the extended session, one could call such an extended “wank session” a period of mechanically induced priapism, and may possibly have precipitated the issue.

The over-long session may have resulted in over expansion of the cavernosa, and also resulted in congestion of the blood flow to the glans. This congestion may be causing the decreased inflation of the glans.

Hope you get it sorted.

Interesting case study though it’s largely indeterminate since it’s only about a single person. But it does suggest the problem could be neurological. I haven’t had any stimulants for over 6 months prior to the MDxx a few weeks ago and it had always been MDMA in the past. I had had extended wank sessions on MDMA or methamphetamine that far outlasted what I did on MDxx, and I’d taken MDMA in FAR greater doses repeatedly over several months but never had any troubles, so perhaps it is the MDxx.

Originally Posted by onenekkidguy
Tweaking, I just wanted to say that I feel really bad for you. It’s tough to see anyone experience injury but it hits especially close to home when that person is a contemporary.

I would have to say I’m voting for a complete break for at least a month. When I had my injury last summer (base soreness due to overuse of a cock ring), I had to lay off everything - including masterbation - for about 6 weeks. I’m not even sure if I would be taking suppliments during the break.

My best wishes for you recovery!!

Appreaciate the sentiment onenekkidguy. I’ve stopped all activity for the time being but I am going to keep taking HGW for now, especially if the problem is neurological, the HGW supplement may help teach my brain how to send signals to fill the glans properly. Such a theory isn’t out of the realm of possibility. It seems with this ‘injury’ all I’ve got to go on is guesswork.

Though the neurological theory doesn’t support me getting pain from kegeling. Hmm.

Hey OP, you mentioned Johnno had an exercise, but I did a search and no posts by him came up. Can you elaborate?

I think I have the same problem.. What’s this hgw you speak of?

Edit: OH, horny goat weed.. Do you think korean red ginseng would have the same effect? I’m interested in trying one of these out.

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Before I got into PE my glans stayed deflated but after I discovered jelqs the thing would explode and I remember that being one of the first things I noticed from PE but I haven’t gave it much thought since then but I still occasionally get a rock hard shaft and completely deflated glans that swells with kegels and if I get up to the PONR back off and then return to PONR it turns normal.

I had no idea others was having a problem like that and really I had no idea it could be a problem or indicator of something being wrong.

I will study up on what may bring it on to me and what helps me.

<If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are headed>

I have stopped taking all supplements, just to see what happens, red gingsing may help, in fact I think there’s a link in this thread to a study about normal ginsing helping increase glans swelling size.

Bluray that’s interesting. I’m beginning to think it has to do with mental stimulation coupled with physical stimulation. I sometimes feel like if I’m concentrating on what’s turning me on, then I won’t get the soft glans, and if I get normal glans before it gets rock hard, then it’ll stay relatively normal.

Also I’ve noticed after cumming my erection stays for longer and gradually fades.

I’m also beggining to think working out what’s actually going on here is way above my head and could involve multiple bodily systems and that even if we find a repeatable way to combat it I doubt we’ll understand what we’re actually doing or dealing with.

I’ve got similar symptoms. I think it might be a ‘venous leak’ only affecting the head because, like you mentioned tweaking, it can get to full size but then quickly deflates as though there’s not enough resistance.

I blame it on stupid extreme methods I did like a fool (such a mistake) being impatient.

It’s sole destroying isn’t it.

I’m hoping that if I can enlarge my unit, it will create new veins to the head possibly? Far fetched? Or, penis enlargement will push the veins up harder against the penis wall (like an internal cock ring)..

By the way, if I cross my legs with an erection, my head inflates more, not fully, but more.


Hehe jimi if you get the chance for some ‘action’ take it, believe me, you’ll regret it if you don’t, she won’t even notice.

As for venous leakage I think it’s tempting to blame that but psysiologically I’m not so sure… Venous leakage is probably the most serious injury one can get from PE and from my understanding simply destroys your penis completely, and only a rare and small group of people are subject to it. I wonder as to whether it would be possible for it to localize in the glans. Personally I doubt it, since venous leakage is unrecoverable and I’ve seen reports of people recovering at least partially from this glans thing and I believe I have recovered partially after just a few weeks of leaving my dick alone and only masturbating a few times a week.

It is, nonetheless, soul-destroying. But I never give up or quit or even allow the possibility of failure or setback to prevent me from achieving my ambitions.

Originally Posted by Tweaking
Bluray that’s interesting. I’m beginning to think it has to do with mental stimulation coupled with physical stimulation. I sometimes feel like if I’m concentrating on what’s turning me on, then I won’t get the soft glans, and if I get normal glans before it gets rock hard, then it’ll stay relatively normal.

I feel the same way, it is like PE causes you to be able to get erections with out even being fully aroused like my mind can be adding up numbers and get an erection but when I am really physically and mentally into something my glans is more than likely fat. Going 7 days without release remedies my soft glans.

I have been toying with hormones lately and have no will to make love to any girls but with stimulation I can get a hard shaft and soft glans.

Tweaking do you notice your soft glans happens when your doing PE or masturbating alone and not so much when your with a girl?

<If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are headed>

I’m not PEing at the moment. Gonna give it two more agonising weeks of rest then start jelqing again. I haven’t been with any girls since I’ve had this issue.

Is your glans soft or hard?

Almost 200 men responded to this poll. Only 25% reported that they achieve a consistently hard glans. Over 50% reported a consistently soft glans.

Tweaking, I understand that you noticed a major change in your glans after PE, and I sympathize and wish you a full recovery. But for guys who have always had a soft glans: THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL.

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I did link that poll.

On reflection I think that poll doesn’t take into account a feeling of ‘deflation’ rather than merely softness; of which I feel there is an important distinction, I might change the name of this thread to indicate deflation rather than softness.

What is the difference between deflation and softness? When my glans is soft (most of the time with a normal erection), I would call it deflated.

I know you linked to the poll, but I think it’s important to explicitly summarize the poll’s results. I think a ton of guys begin to notice normal anatomical variations in their penises when they get into PE and mistake them for pathology (e.g., because they see the glans engorged or hard during jelqing or clamping or pumping, they begin to think its soft, normal state is actually abnormal, or they read about thrombosed veins and think that their dorsal thickening is a serious injury).

As I said, I know that in your particular case, you have noticed a negative change in your erection quality due to PE, and that’s worth addressing. But I worry that saying something like this:

This thread is designed to shed light on the problem many people seem to be suffering from of having a soft, deflated glans during erection

…encourages guys to worry (where they didn’t before) that they have a “problem” that, in fact, is common to 50-75% of men.

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I understand what you’re saying. I certainly don’t want to worry people unnecessarily.

But I do have to wonder how many of those people who said their glans are soft are saying that when they have an erection the size of their glans doesn’t change at all.

Anyway thanks for pointing that out to me. I will rework some of the wording of the initial posts soon (bit busy atm).

My worthless 2 cents:

My glans has never been hard or “full” during intercourse or during masturbation except when I’m about to ejaculate. Then it swells and gets hard. This is the case even if I masturbate twice a day every day of the week.

During the December period I didn’t masturbate or do any PE for around 2.5 weeks, but I did do kegels regularly. Eventually I had to rub one out and my glans was hard, full and sensitive. I’m a deathgrip masturbater but on the half dozen occasions after this break I only needed a very, very light grip. During these sessions my glans was as I said before: hard, full and sensitive.

Now though, it’s gone back to the way it was before (the way it always was). I believe the break from touching my dick and the regular kegels made my glans hard and incredibly sensitive. It may have been my eyes but I swear at the time I was longer then usual but without a measuring tape or ruler I couldn’t tell for sure, I could only guess the size using my hands.

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