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could be helpful...

could be helpful...

Hi to all,
Is my first post here. I’ve been surfing for two month this forum
and find it really surprising (yes, thats the right word…).

I’ve been peing since two months and due to no measurements at the begining dont know if something has changed with my friend romero (we use it here to call it that way), but it feels now much healthy/potency, anyway it is too early for gains…

The reason for my post ist to let you know that a very popular sexologist here in spain recomend on tv to make something very similar to jelqing to increase potency (yes, she has performed it in front of the camaras ¿!!) helped hereby with a salve/balm called thrombocid (they are similar salves with other names).

This is used to help women/men with varicose veins or wehn you get a bloodstone from a bump.
So I think it could help to restore/build new capilar veins due to an increasing from blood flow (consult the pharmacist for further details how it works)

I have it at home (it is very common salve here) and the prospectus says that it has no side effects and it can be use in prolonged time.

I though it could be interesting for you all (vets&newbies).

So far, Matti

P.D. Sorry for my bad english…

Hi Matti,

Thanks for the idea

Can you explain better? (osea, me lo explicas mejor?, cuales son los efectos des trombocid? mejor erección?)

Hi Rex,

I could find following:

It is indicated for Topical varicose therapy. Active ingredient is Timol (Xilanpolisulfuric acid).

Thrombocid covers an extensive indication range, from thrombosis prophylaxis (ampoules)
and hemorrhoids (suppositories), to thrombophlebitis and sports injuries (ointments, gels).

It improves bloodflow in capillary veins, promotes ligs re-growth, is anticoagulant, help dismantling bloodcoagulations.

I hope help anyone and is effective. My self havent try yet.

Bye, Salu2


Welcome Matti

Hi Matti. You might be on to something.

As near as I can tell from Thrombocid is a gel containing heparin.

I found similar products at:…ortium_gel.html

I’m not sure if any form of heparin is available without a prescription in the U.S., but it sounds like these products could be helpful in healing thrombosed veins. However, from the second link:

Heparin assists in strengthening and supporting the connective tissues. Scar tissue becomes soft and regains elasticity and strength. Heparin also has an antiphlogistic and anti-exudative effect, thus alleviating pain and promoting tissue metabolism and the process of healing.

It would be interesting to find out more about the effects of heparin on connective tissue.

hey hobby/matti

just found a tube with heparin at my home-pharmacia…. i am suffering from a thrombosed vein… i will try this heparin and keep you informed.
my aim is to ged rid of my injury (no gains). once i am healed i will try it for improving gains….


weekly report

like i mentioned i am now using heparin to speed up my healing. after one week i can not say that i am satisfied. i hoped it to be more helpful to cure my injury. however…. i realised, that my right string (thrombosed vein or whatever) has gone away. the other has become softer…. i do not know whether it is because of the heparin or just the normal healing process….
like i mentioned i can say nothing to its affect on length or girth. just want to get rid of my injury (for details look at thread posted by chi: first injury… rare one too).

next week next info


another report

i am using the heparin since 27 sept and i can not say that it is a perfect tool to cure my kind of injury…. i used it nearly twice or three times a day (the last day only one time)…
my injury has nearly gone… perhaps it is because of the heparin, but i think it was just a matter of time….
if anybody has thrombosed veins (i do not wish this to anyone, by the way), he should try this out and tell us…. perhaps i have been a little too late to realise a faster healing process…
i will stop the use of heparin now and wait a week or two and then start pe again….



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